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Hurricane Sandy

Originally Posted by Hammerfist View Post
Getting ready for it here; PA is supposed to take it on the chin.

People are acting like it is the end of the world as they know it. But I feel fine
Made me giggle ...

I'm an Aussie and we used to have tropical cyclones regularly as a kid (in the southern hemisphere a hurricane is called a cyclone as they spin clockwise, hurricanes spin anti-clockwise) and we were generally fine.

Good luck to all you peeps in Sandy's way ...


Northwestern Pennsylvania here and they are saying it should reach us as well. Although my super powers in controlling weather should kick in. Just kidden. If that were so then Id wish weather wouldn't be so destructive.

I was out canvasing for a local politican in Queens, NY yesterday. One of the constituents I spoke to was aghast that I was out of doors, because didn't I know there was a "giant earthquake coming?" So in case you were wondering where the panic comes from, it's misinformation and lack of education.

Edit: Re-reading this it seems like a slur against Queens. Everyone else I talked to there was pleasant and seemed well informed.

I'm in Connecticut and they have already evacuated the coastal towns. So yeah, looks pretty serious.

I'm thinking NJ will have it worst, but who knows?

The concern where Hammie lives is flooding, and the excess water hitting the mountains, which thus causes the river to rise, and...well, you follow me. The local geography can be a blessing and a hindrance depending on what happens. Hurricane Agnes hit Central PA in the early 70's and caused a great deal of damage, mostly from the extra water it gave to local streams and rivers

So far the joke is that, since they aren't letting people travel (a good decision, mind you) I'm home from work! Lots of time to post on MW, right? But...if there's no power, get the idea

In any case, here's hoping it's nothing like what it's hyped to be...but also that people are taking it seriously and keeping safe.

NJ does seem as if it will bear the brunt, and the skyscrapers in Manhattan as well. The Equity exchanges were closed today, and tomorrow, which is a very rare occurence.

Rains falling hard and cold but no wind yet! The drainage ditches in my neighborhood are filling up fast.

Eastern Ontario: Sandy won't get here until Thursday and then it'll head right down the St. Lawrence. Google's crisis maps shows everything at once.

Sigh. In Northern Virginia so we get it here. Should just be a power situation unless a tree hits the house.

But we are supposed to fly to Toronto on Thursday for the World Fantasy convention, so we may be out of luck at one end of the trip or another.

Wind just started kicking into the scary levels here at the cephalopod household in south central PA. My sugar maple and pine are ominously swaying over the house and cars . . . .

And I'm pretty sure something just hit my fence. . . .

So psyched for this (winterized and wind proofed my ancient abode but didn't tree proof it in time)
And in WV where my office is it's floods and blizzards in the forecast. . . Yay crazy weather.


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