[LIMITED MUSTER] 0.24 - Decline of Glory

Dunno how many 3-4s we have open right now, but I'm always interested. Only got a level 1 right now though.

Would you be a legal 3-4 game with mainly level ones?..

If you can't find a 3-4 though, I'll certainly take the spot when you get tired of waiting.

He'd have 3xL1, 3xL2 = 2.5 APL which might be able to be rounded up to 3 against the strong recommendations in the guide.

I have a hardy L1-er that could contribute at that tier (my switch-hitting dwarf ranger).

Preference is to find another 3-4 to boost the APL. If only L1's are available and they do not wish to play up, I will drop the subtier to 1-2, and give appropriate treasure for that tier.

I'll fill the slot for you if Shadow changes his mind and you don't get a L3-5er in the meantime. My dwarf ranger should be effective and relatively hardy at that tier.


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