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What You Are In The Dark

What You Are in the Dark - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Ad Closes: Nov 5 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

((I know the ad says its open til the 5th, but if I get enough people I'll close it and start the game early. A thread has been made for making your application, just be sure to put your interest up for the game here FIRST))

Game Description:

I would like to stay at the start that this is not only my first time as a DM, but it’s also a Homebrewed campaign of my making. I would of course appreciate it if you are patient with me if I make a mistake and need to make corrections. So I just hope this game attracts interested people :)

Setting: The continent of Arcadia has always been one of mystery and wonder to the rest of Golarion, a land hardly civilized filled with the bounty of all kinds of resources of both the sea and the land. Yet time and again, efforts to take this land have been driven back by the native Skraelings, the human natives of this continent. That is, until explorers came across a large patch of land in the south where the Skraelings were much more peaceful then their distant cousins to the north.

This made it easier for explorers to bring in their ships with people and supplies to create their own villages, towns, and even a large city or two to the horror of the natives. By the time they realized their mistake in letting these outsiders into their lands, their warchiefs could not stand a chance against their greater tactics and better weaponry. Yet the explorers took pity on the "primitive savages" and allowed them to settle on the outskirts of their borders at best, or forced into the swamplands to the north at worse. This all occurred around two or three centuries ago and at this stage, the proud Kingdom of Cadaema (Ca-day-ma) is soon to celebrate its’ 150th year in power with a grand celebration headed by His Royal Highness King Edward Luke Filoren the III. This Kingdom is considered to be a proud, shining example of human civilization…

((All of this is common knowledge to the world and the only thing the PCs would know coming to this place))

Background: I would like at least a paragraph’s worth of your character’s backstory. In it, I require only two things. The first is basically why your character is the class he/she is. The second is that sometime in your character’s past, he/she did something truly horrible and possibly even unforgivable. Your character could either truly regret it, or it was so traumatic that they’ve suppressed it in their minds. If you need help with this part, consider it connected with the first requirement, that your character is that class because of it or that what you did went against what that class stood for. If the class states that doing such an action would remove their powers (EX: Paladin, Cleric) you would obviously consider it unusual as to why you still have them afterwards. No one else knows about what you did and you prefer to keep it that way in hopes it will be lost in your mind or forgiven in time.

If you do remember the event, what occurred was foggy at best and you can't seem to remember all the details leading up to it. Mostly just the act in of itself.

Introduction:I will be making a personalized introduction for each of the characters admitted to the game based on your background. After that, what you do is up to your decision.

Description:If you have a picture in your sheet or wish to add a picture to your app, you do not need this. But if you prefer to add a written description instead, just put it below your backstory.

Recruiting: I am currently looking for 1 player

Beginning Stats/Gold:
Everyone will start at level 1 and use 20-point buy for their stats. Everyone get's Max HP for first level. I will make a thread for you to make rolls for your gold based on your class. Gaining new Levels will be based on a Medium speed advancement. Also because this is a new land for your character, I would say that they can’t have ranks in Knowledge:Local until around level 3 or 4, To give a realistic sense of you learning about the place over time.

I would HIGHLY prefer if you used sheets for your character's stats, equipment and etc. All thats really needed in the application besides the link to the sheet is backstory/description.

Classes: All Core and Base Classes are allowed, but no Alternates. So sorry, no Ninja’s allowed :(. And no Psionic powers for PC's either.

Multi/Prestige Classes:
Any choice for this you make for this is valid as long as you make sure to fulfill the requirements. Also I would prefer that you make sure to properly roleplay why your character gets this new class. Have it be something your character is either considering for a new way of life (Multi) or working on as a long term goal (Prestige).

Races: All core races are allowed, but I’d like you to run it by me if you decide to go for an “Other” race.

Alignment: No evil characters. Sorry to all future tyrants and psychos :p

Traits: Like the CRB says, you may choose two traits but they must be from different categories. You will also receive a third trait at my discretion based on the “terrible deed” in your background.

Other Rules: Most of these I got from my last awesome DM I played with because they made a lot of sense to me. No Raise Dead/Resurrection Spells, but death can be saved against with only one hero point instead of two. No Greater Teleport spells. Wish can only produce the effects as stated in the CRB, minus the aforementioned Resurrection spell effect.
Wish us both luck as we go forth ;)

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Id say color me interested, but my crayons are all broken. Just stating in advance, Gnomish Druid (Healer). I'm also one of the two pre-selected.

Boy Blue, I said I was busy...but damn dude, this sounds all sorts of good. Good luck with your first DMing gig!

Sorry for posting again so soon, but you should let people know if psionics are allowed. I know a few Pathfinder players who really like psi.

If I may be so bold as to suggest, also whether you're allowing what some consider overpowered stuff like synthesist summoners.

Would a Tiefling be allowed?

I've added to the class descriptor to answer your question radient. As for Tieflings, I could possibly allow it if you fully understand what that could easily mean what would happen to your character when in public in a mostly human area.


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