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A New Team

FASERIP Fiasco - Forum
Marvel Super Heroes
Estimated Members Requested: 6

The world can never have too many protectors, especially now...

You will be taking on the role of a cannon Marvel Universe character, or creating a new hero.

We'll be using an approximation of the Earth-616 continuity.

Game Description:

This is going to be a Marvel Universe campaign using the FASERIP system. You may choose to play a cannon character or create an original hero using the point buy system found at the Classic Marvel Forever website.

Original characters will be built on 350 CPs I'm placing no hard limitations on creation but might veto or ask you to modify things I don't want to deal with. Yes, this means a cannon character has the potential to be much more powerful than an original one.

Hulk, and Cosmic Entities, Gods and Heralds of Galactus need not apply but may show up as NPCs.

Detectives and scientists will be useful. The party will be a team. There will be down time between adventures. There will be the opportunity for advancement/character improvement.

I like running a somewhat Sandbox type game into which I throw various hooks to my prepared adventures.

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If you want to play a cannon character just let me know who and we'll stat it. You could provide a starting point for us though. Yes, this means the creation of original characters will more under your control.

Not very familiar with the system, but the idea sounds interesting. How does FASERIP work? Roll high? Roll low? From what I've looked up in my sixty second search, each number is a stat, a normal person has a 50% chance of success with a roll associated with a given stat, and every ten points more adds 5% chance of success?

Anyway. I'm definitely expressing interest here. I might be interested in playing a canon character, but at the same time I'm way more familiar with Earth-1610 than I am 616. I really got into Marvel with the Ultimates, so I don't know if I want to play a canon character and wind up playing them wrong because they're a lot more different than I thought.

I wouldn't worry too much I mainly using Earth-616 for background fluff. I don't have an issue if Captain America is a bit darker or another personality shift.

The system is pretty simple, I've no doubt you'll catch right on.

I'm highly intrigued. Before I create a character - and I'm going to create one of my own, and not be all cheese and pick Wolverine or Spider-Man - I've got a couple questions.

1. Any banned or restricted powers?
2. For those powers that come with an automatic limitation that the judge decides (Time Control, for example), how do you want to handle the auto limitation?

1. I can't think of any powers I'm going to ban outright, I'll probably set a cap on True Invulnerability but I think the point buy will balance out other aspects of the character to make it all good.

2. I will ask the player's preference, expecting some sort of "game world" explanation as to why it should be limited that way and either go with their preference or if I find it unsatisfying try to reach a compromise we'll both be happy with.

Any particular... uh... scale, I guess, to be aiming for? Or a particular subset of supers? Will we have to work out some excuse to give a damn about each other, or is that not a point of concern?

Also, how strictly are we stuck to the story and such of a canon character if we pick one? For example, I can rattle off a list of ten different characters I would love to play off the top of my head, but...

If I go with, say, my first choice,
Cessily Kincaid AKA
Mercury, am I going to be locked in to playing her a certain way based on her personality in the comics? Will I have to study up on her characterization and work to play her according to her actual background? Or can I get away with saying "This is Cessily Kincaid if she actually practiced and liked her powers instead of angsting about them all day and night."

Also, to be perfectly clear I totally want to play Mercury. You know, since Squirrel Girl is out.


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