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Calling all Pilots

Calling All Pilots - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This is a story revolving around the Rebellion, before the battle of Yavin and the destruction of Alderaan. It will be a little less hopeful than what's portrayed in A New Hope. In these times, the Rebellion is a mixed bag. People don't know what to think of them, but they're less inclined to think it's for their safety. This game will be more about story than loot, fame, glory and money. If you're looking to buy your own ship, own tons of cool weapons, and wield a lightsaber or two - then you'll want to look elsewhere.

This game also uses the E6 rules. So if you're looking for a 'high level' campaign, you'll probably be disappointed as well. The maximum character level is 6, you don't advance beyond it - instead you get more feats and talents. This is a decision I made to keep the simple things hazardous (Stormtroopers, TIE Fighters, etc), not to mention make it a little bit easier for me to create challenges for you. The important part is to have fun with the story, the rest is all just the mechanics you're playing within.

Additional Information:
Applications go into the Application Thread. In case you didn't read the spoiler, it's more about the character than the character sheet. It's a decent bit of information that I'm asking and, in many cases, the more the better. I want to have an understanding of who your character is, not how many numbers you were able to squeeze out of it.

Last, but not least, is a rough introduction for your characters to the ship. If you would like to write a different one, or a variation there of that's fine. You don't all have to show up at the same time, but the idea is to show up within the same week. Once you get settled in with your character submission, keep an eye on the forums. I'll be opening up an area for you all to RP while I wait to see who all submits applications. If you aren't chosen for this round, you'll be on the list in case someone drops. There's also a chance that I might use your character as some background, even if you aren't picked.

Thank you Google for awesome images

Game Description:

Incoming to the Haroot

The vastness of space could be said to stretch out for an eternity; a finite of distance with small blips of celestial bodies which house the life of the universe. In one of these galaxies, long ago and far, far away a rebellion is taking place. It’s a small group of people, fighting for survival against a larger foe – against the Empire. It’s not an easy fight for them, constantly outnumbered and needing new recruits. There recruits were few, but they always needed more.

The shuttle traveled through the emptiness of space. It was a simple affair, filled with supplies and barely enough room to sit.

“We’re coming up on the Haroot, port side.” Said the voice through the intercom, the ship banking as it is said. The artificial gravity generators and movement of the stars gave away the change in course. Soon the ship came into view. A long and sleek looking vessel, at least it was at one time. Running lights lit it up in the vastness of space; one along the front of it reveals the name.

The ship has bulkheads spot welded on the outside and recent damage reveals holes that haven’t been fully patched. A couple shuttles were pulling ships in toward the hanger along the bottom front of the Haroot. They glided in space and carry them inside, swallowing them.

Soon the shuttle you are all in banks again to the left, then again as they came in on final. Dipping under the front and approaching the landing section the pilot was given. As the shuttle passes through the hanger deck, the two vessels hauled by the shuttles can be seen more closely. Both sustained damage, one had a line of scoring along the canopy that led to a hole. The shuttle passes it by too quickly, but it’s reasonable to think the pilot didn’t make it out in time.

“Welcome to your new home.” The voice came through once more, a small shudder as the ship finally touches down. “Report to your Squadron Commander, then go get settled in.” The second part was said without the assistance of an intercom.

The man stood in the passageway that led to the cockpit. His hands grip the bulkhead at the top of the door. A brown jacket adorns him with a rank insignia upon it, designating him as a 1st Lieutenant in the Naval Forces, “It’s a good ship, but a tough one. Good luck.” He moves toward some of the cargo, undoing the straps as you’re left to your own devices.

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How much of the game is going to be space combat versus ground combat?

Also, would you consider a non-Force sensitive Jedi? (In other words, a character which multiclassed into Jedi in order to pick a non-Force related talent and didn't pick Force Sensitive as their multiclass feat.)

We can definitely discuss the non-Force sensitive Jedi. If you give me an idea of what talent you're looking at, I can give you a quick answer.

As far as space combat versus ground combat - that's a tricky one but here's the short version. At first, it'll definitely be more space combat. As time progresses it'll start having more of a mix that should be more balanced. It will depend on the players though, as it won't be a straight railroaded adventure. Once everyone settles in, more freedom will be given to the group as to how they want to approach a mission.

I suppose that depends on how you mean pressed into it. If you mean they joined the Rebellion but due to circumstances they were pushed into being a pilot, that's one thing. But I wouldn't necessarily see the Rebellion kidnapping someone to press them into service.

P.S. Divinity, is that a peace sign or a wave? *grins*

I had definitely thought about the first option. :-)

After reading through the house-rules for the game, though, I'm reconsidering the "former mechanic" angle.

Starting a idea. Got an idea for a noble scion who was in the Imperial Academy due to his parents insistence and ended up 'rebelling' by literally joining the rebels, being a young fool, and who is only just beginning to understand the reality of the cause... and deciding if he believes in it or not.

Hudson: The first one would still be doable. A bit of insight on this ship, they're hurting for pilots. I could probably make an exception, as in you don't have to just show up; or, you could have joined the rebellion a bit earlier and due to circumstances they've changed where they need you. That's all assuming you want to work that angle. Otherwise, we can work with it, no matter the angle you want to go. I want to make sure that every character is:
1) Something that fits (of course),
(but also, and almost more importantly)
2) Something that you want to play.

Nasdaq: Sounds like an interesting concept! I look forward to reading it. I definitely don't have a problem with a person who was at the Imperial Academy, you can even have graduated from it (if you so desire); I just don't necessarily want someone who's trying to say they're a TIE Fighter vet or some such. More along the lines of graduated and then defected within a few months.

As a note to everyone:
As I said a few times, these are just my preferences. If anyone really wow's the heck out of me (Like: WOW ), then anything is really up for grabs. It's just a harder sell.

Basically, the specific question is Adept/Master Negotiator. It irritates me endlessly that these aren't Noble talents. I'm sure there are others, though.

EDIT: Also, does this mean we'll never be able to take PrC talents?


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