Night Falls Over Wildwood

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Night Falls Over Wildwood

Winter's Long Night - Forum
Savage Worlds
Ad Closes: Nov 14 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Welcome to the historic Wildwood Lodge of Hopewell, New York!
Located in the breath-taking Adirondack Mountains, the Wildwood's ideal location offers spectacular views, scenic hiking, white-water rafting, fishing, spelunking, and much, much more. From quick, weekend getaways to full vacations, Frank and Carol Finnerly's 'make yourself at home' philosophy makes the Wildwood the perfect place to unplug from the hectic pace of modern life and reconnect with nature.

Built by the Biggs family of New York City in the late 1840s, the Wildwood lodge was completely renovated by the Finnerlys from 2005 to 2007. With a careful eye on retaining that quaint 19th Century charm, Frank and Carol provide every modern convenience. So, relax on the upper deck and sip hot tea while enjoying the view, stroll the hallways and soak in the art of 160 years of Wildwood history, or sit back in the parlor and sample Frank's selection of aged whiskey. Whatever your pleasure, you can find it at the Wildwood lodge!

Winter's Long Night is a modern campaign of supernatural horror and survival. The first adventure, Night Falls Over Wildwood takes place entirely at the Wildwood Lodge. The adventure should last from four to six months, depending on posting rates, so give this due consideration when applying.

If there is sufficient interest, the campaign may continue beyond this adventure, but we'll just have to wait and see for that.

Winter's Long Night is primarily a player-driven experience. I've provided the setting, it's up to the players to take it from here. That said, once the game starts, the clock is ticking, so to speak. Just like in real life, events will not always wait on you.

WLN uses the Savage Worlds ruleset, but experience with the system is not required to submit an application. You will be required to read the 'Test Drive' rules, which can be downloaded for free. I've place a link in the Rules section of the game forum for your convenience.

Player Information
I am looking for four or five reliable players. While I'd love to have more, I can't give my full attention to more than that, so I'm going to restrict it to that number.

The Characters will be guests who have just arrived at the Wildwood Lodge as play begins.

Due to the isolated nature of the Wildwood Lodge, it's going to be more difficult than usual to bring in new players, so I ask you kindly to consider your schedule for the next six months. If it looks like you won't be able to maintain a regular posting rate during that time, please allow someone else to take your spot.

I expect players to post at least once a day during the week. There are no posting requirements on the weekends. For more information, please see the game forum.

The Characters will be ordinary Joes and Janes facing extraordinary circumstances. I'm not saying that your ex Navy SEAL or MMA fighter won't be considered, but I am saying you will not experience Winter's Long Night as intended if you are determined on min-maxing your character.
Characters will experience moments of terror and hopelessness. Embrace this. It will make them stronger (if they survive).

Play will begin at dinner time at the Wildwood. It ill be early in October in upstate New York. I'd like for at least some of the characters to already know each other, but there will be plenty of time for the players to work out joint backgrounds.
If you have any questions, please consult the game forum first. I've posted a lot of information there, including the Application Process and Formatting Requirements.

About Me
I've been gaming for about twenty years now, almost eight using the Savage Worlds system.
While I'm relatively new to play-by-post gaming, I'm hopeful that we can craft a great game together.
As I mentioned before, this is a player-driven experience. So jump in with both feet and let's have some fun.
As always, if you have any questions, post here or over in the OOC thread of the game forum
Good Luck!

It's that moment of dawning comprehension I live for - Hobbes
I am expressing interest. I have the Savage Worlds Explorers Edition text but haven't really absorbed it yet. I don't want to commit to anything yet as I'm currently without power and have a game of my own to run.

I do hope you attract more players. Games that fall outside of DnD/Pathfinder have a hard time getting off the ground. Good luck!

I'm going to go ahead and post interest. I do love supernatural horror and seeing how long everday Joe can survive it

I have time especially dyuring winter for a game. Mind this post I have been posting for like 5 hours so am tired and sloppy right now. I don't have savage worlds but think it was a pdf I was given earlier by some friends or mny friend owns the book IRL. If I get the book can I play?

I am a newbie but a master, maybe not master but highly skilled, at rping the horror avenue. I run CoC irl for a group of friends of mine.

EDIT- I just noticed you have free rules so count me in. I need to look it over before I decide on a character concept. LOL

I'd be interested. I'm new to Myth-Weavers, but have done Play-by-posts for CoC and DnD in the past.

I'm a huge fan of horror games, but new to Savage Worlds. There's been some local interest, so I've been wanting to get around to trying it.

The quick start rules are very well done and the system is super easy. It is similar in retrospect to Supernatural and games using the cortex system. As well as the Windows. So if you know either of them then you will have a good feel of this.

Also if anyone wants to do collaboration with characters, let me know. I am all in for that.

EDIT-I finished my character profile for the game. I don't see where and how you want the sheet done. But my profile is finished anyways.

@bend sinister: No rush. You have until the 14th to post a concept. Besides, being first to post has gotta be worth something!

@everyone: I just want to make it clear that having the core book is not, I repeat NOT a requirement to play. The basic concepts are in the Test Drive rules, which you can read in about ten minutes. It's a very simple game; I believe Mad Hatter will back me up here.

The only real requirements are interest in the genre and the desire to craft a good story.

Very interested. Sounds like a good game, and I'd like to play some more Savage Worlds. I'll start working on a concept.

Look forward to it, Xeno

Originally Posted by ymmv View Post
I just want to make it clear that having the core book is not, I repeat NOT a requirement to play. The basic concepts are in the Test Drive rules, which you can read in about ten minutes. It's a very simple game; I believe Mad Hatter will back me up here.
I will attest to it being simple. For the most part, still need to play our a couple combat scenes for more familiarity, the system is super easy and it took me 30 minutes to read the entire rule book. It is only 16 pages. I feel like this game will be a god survival horror themed game with plenty of character interaction. I love the fact that you made a bunch of NPC(s) for the hotel already.

I know you said no colors for formatting but could you change it? I like using red for all my character based speech. If you really hate color I can just BOLD & ITALICS, without color if needed.


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