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Windows 8 Upgrade Mentality

Windows 8 Upgrade Mentality

Has anyone else noticed, that you don't have that burning urge to get the latest Micro Product, yet you always hear that person on the corner getting excited about a apple update, even if all they did was move the headphone jack to the opposite side? Now I understand Apple is "cool" and Microsoft is not, I just find the culture difference and expectations between the two dramatically opposed to the point that digital reviewers are saying it is decent or better than expected, yet ignore it otherwise, while apple mearly upgrades the camera quality and you see 14 articles running at the same time on that one fact.

Has digital news been sold down the river for popularity, that is brainwashing us all to buy apple, and becomes a self feeding cycle becoming the first perpetual engine?

I don't get excited for upgrades in general. Apple or Microsoft, I generally go "meh" unless it's something stupidly stellar like when XP came out.

There's a reason I don't read news much these days.

I'm waiting to see if Windows 8 is worth it. At some point int he next year I'll probably get a new desktop anyways, or if its worth it I might install it on my VAIO after getting a new hard drive, though it might be easier just to get another computer as the cost would be similar to getting a capacitive external monitor with touch screen.

I rarely use my Windows laptop though, and have two others I normally use that run Linux Mint 13. Never had the urge to go Apple as I don't like their "Pay per Click" business model.

So you're wondering about the difference between the emotional and practical buyer, as a general statement?

Apple sells based on emotion. They really have for the entire existence of the company. It's always been about the "feelgood" of the product as opposed to its technical capabilities or specs. Those were always secondary. That was their genius in the past and at the same time their weakness. It worked great with the iPhone and iPad because there weren't really any equivalent competitive items on the market at the time thus the market bought into them despite the higher price tag. Once alternate equivalent or better products hit the market then Apple loses sales because they're notoriously higher priced than their competition.

Windows and Microsoft products simply aren't "emotional" buys typically. Its very simple. Games blur the line some with the advent of "that new title" being exciting for the consumer and eager and loud about it. The fact that equivalent hardware is almost always appreciably cheaper on the PC side tends to create an environment where you have to build things out that way though. If there isn't an emotional reason to buy something then you ultimately only have practical and logical reasoning left to help guide your decisions. If that had been the case Apple truly would have been out of business a couple decades ago!

Note that I am not a PC nor am I an Apple advocate or "fanboi" in any way. There are simply my observations from the past 2~3 decades, lol.

It's also very hard to get excited about Windows 8. It's clearly a product aimed at the tablet/smartphone market and I see no reason why anyone would ever want it on a PC. I'm a grownup, I want something that works, not some shiny gimmick that excites the kids.

As to Apple, much like Blizzard these days, they're not going to innovate, they're not going to take big risks, they're just going to take things that are already on the market and polish the hell out of them. They're going to be pretty, they're going to work well and they're going to suck the money out of the rabid loyal fanbase but they're not getting any money out of me!

I am finding the launch of the ipad mini especially amusing. "Hey, we're late to the party, we're not offering anything new, but we're going to charge £100 more than the competition. We're not even going to bother to justify it, we're Apple, you know you'll buy it anyway."

I'm planning to get the $40 upgrade for my 5-year-old laptop as soon as I have the funds. It's fast, stable, and it'll enable me to run the same apps I can install on my smartphone. I like the idea of a unified experience across all of my devices, and Windows 8 will finally let that happen with the robustness that I demand from my gadgets. (Yes, I understand that MacOS and iOS have some of that, but it's not nearly deep enough for me. I've purchased iOS stuff and think it's swell, but it's always felt more like a sophisticated toy than a productivity tool.) FWIW, I intend to pick up a Windows 8 (not RT) tablet in the near future, too--budget permitting. It just seems to make a lot of sense for me.

I have very little interest in Win8. As said, it seems to be highly directed towards tablets and smartphones. Don't have a tablet, have no interest in getting one, so not sure why I'd want that fleshy desktop interface on my computer. If you can turn it off and have a normal desktop? Meh, I guess. But I still don't feel compelled to buy it. I'm a gamer, and I don't need that stuff for my games.

Well if you are a gamer,and can afford the 40$ , windows 8 uses up less resources and has a rewritten kernal to handle blackflow.

I bought it cause I'm in IT and will eventually have to support it at some level, even if its just my mother calling.

That said, it's okay. Different. Different isn't bad, or good. Just different. Some things still confuse the crap out of me, but eh, that comes with learning different.

I can see the non-tech folks really liking it over time.

Ah but has Windows 8 finally kicked the registry in the nuts like it should have done many many years ago?


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