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It takes a village...

It takes a village...

I tried this concept on the non sequitor page and it didn't seem to go over well, I'm giving it a second go here. It's simple enough, here's my example.

The city of Stone Harbor is a bustling seaport, built around a horseshoe shaped bay with a massive stone and iron sea gate that can be raised or lowered to admit ships. The heart of the town is centered around the main gate that leads to the grassy plains of Stone County beyond, where all trade from the surrounding areas arrives. We begin our tour just outside the gate, looking up at the towering granite walls and four-foot thick doors as they swing open to admit our little band. Where are we going?

So each person posts an area, a block, a marketplace, a store front, even the interior of a building, whatever. We go step by step, mostly on foot but other means of transportation would work as well; canals, carriages, secret tunnels, what have you. Anyone with an in game city or town they want fleshed out could get feedback and make their creations a bit more full. Let's start with Stone Harbor.

The North Den is a cluttered semipermanent market where farmers, craftsmen, and traders from Stone County and beyond bring their goods to unload them at wholesale prices. Twenty or thirty crude stalls are crammed into every available space, leaving little more than a path for one wagon to enter or exit the area at a time. Local merchants gabble loudly, haggling about the price and quality of the goods they wish to purchase. The wagons and wains coming in are piled high with furs, bushels of corn and apples, barrels of cider and beer, blocks of marble, sandstone, and granite from the cliffs to the north, every manner of trade good imaginable. Our party is running low on supplies after the long, harsh journey so we decide to stop and refresh ourselves at a tent selling grilled meat and good, strong beer. The slate sign on the post out front reads 'Fenton's Pub, established 132 BT' though that number means nothing to those from outside of Stone Harbor and the structure looks nothing like a pub. The green and brown stripped tent is faded and patched in places. Holding the flap of the tent open for those behind me, we make our way into the dim, noisome 'pub'

Storefront Tenement

Located in a nestled district near Market Square is a shop owned and run by an elder of this city. Mara's Cafe is owned by Mara herself. A petite and aromatic room full of wooden tables covered by white cotton linens. The very fabric drapes towards knee-high and on the table a rose of various colors are placed within a crystal vase. Smell of pastries such as bear claws, danishes, crumpets and beignets compliment the lavious and esteemed patronage within the Cafe. Mara sells her own soaps made from lye and various ingredients. Some of the soaps she offers is Shea Butter, Lavender & Honey, freshly imported Pomegranate and Spice and rich Cocoa Butter and Mint. Mara offers some other stock for sale. Scented Candles which illuminate the tables as well. Some fragrances offered are Pumpkin Cinnamon, April Rose, Lemon Water and Berry Jubilee. Many patrons come for her fresh apple cider or her delectable chocolate muffins. Mara is a married lady who's husband Brawn is off on a sea voyage. They often write to one another. Sometimes the letters are long as they both yearn and long for one another.

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