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First time in PFS actually, but yes, I have the guide and have read the site rules. Am planning on organizing it better on my computer, so I have it all-post template, site rules--there.

I believe Akash is actually a guy.

Once BigLee and Chibiamy post, we'll get this underway.

Dayng, y'all are fast. Sorry, it's the weekend and having three active kids ... usually pretty unavailable. But right now I just cleaned the kitchen and am waiting rolls to rise before grillin' me some red meat! Omnomnom!

Will read through stuff and I am SOOO going to buy potions. *sagenod*

Yeah, I'm going to buy a potion too, just wanted to wait a bit before we get rolling. Oh god, you mentioned rolls, it sounds so delish.

/is hungry

Just to let you know you have a healer.

*giggles* Hurray, healer! But after MMotFF ... Brigid is going to have potions anyway.

BigLee! Get Orin posted in the depository and join the RP!


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