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Combat round is now up!

To everyone: Please make sure to always post a statblock in your posts for reference sake. You do not need to keep track of hp, I'll do that for you, but please include it. This specifically applies to Mysty, who's character depository entry says level 2 but is apparently using level 1 information. I would prefer it if everyone uses the PFS standard templating, but I'll settle for just a statblock.

Regarding Ditzie: You can drag and drop your picture to where you are moving. Hit Enter to save the current map, then copy-paste the url onto your post in a url tag so everyone can see where you are moving. If you're not moving, don't worry about it.

I think I'm going to roll around on the ground to stop the burning. Hope that counts as a standard action though?

Do Akash still get his readied action to shoot the first thing he sees?

Also, do we still roll initiative inside the PC block?

No need to roll init, it's first come, first served. And yup, take your free shot- I don't typically resolve readied actions unless asked to.

This is an awful setup.

Do the hoodoos provide cover? If so, Akash actually can't draw an AoO from the southern elemental AND it doesn't matter to me because I'm using a ranged attack. Plus, Brigid and Aranel could move out from behind me without provoking (from my square).

Yep, they provide cover.

Also, you rolled a nat 20: want to roll a crit confirmation as well?

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