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Absalom, the epicenter of the Inner Seas and shining diamond of Golarion. This city of all cities serves as the base of operations for the Pathfinders, a group of elite adventurers dedicated to the pursuit of wealth and knowledge. The Pathfinders are always on the prowl for new talent to strengthen their ranks. This very night, such new talent was born within the organization. Six individuals of merit were summoned by the venerable Venture Captain Dennel Hamshanks.


In the shadow of the Azlanti Keep sat a quaint tavern, named the Bronze Halberd. This was the place Dennel Hamshanks had summoned you to. Upon entering, your senses are assailed with a cacophony of delights. The scent of lantern oil mingled with roasted pig and honey mead is most prevalent. Sounds of raucous laughter and outspoken opinion make it difficult to carry on a normal conversation.

Through repeated questioning of the barmaid, you are directed to a private room near the southwest corner of the tavern. The room is simplistic, hosting a large oak table with eight high backed chairs. A large black iron chandelier with two dozen wax candles hangs lit above the center of the table, giving the room a warm atmosphere. This atmosphere was offset to a degree by a series of buck heads that lined the long walls on either sides of the table. Platters of roasted pig, boiled greens, sweet rolls, and pitchers of honey mead made for a welcoming centerpiece for the table. After showing you to the room, the bar maid, leaves informing you that Dennel Hamshanks had not yet arrived but should be on shortly.

Assume you arrive in the order you post. Also, assume you do not know each other until this moment. Spend a little time getting acquainted. In terms of the details of your summons, I leave that to you. In terms of setting, it is early evening ,just after sundown, and the season is summer, specifically Rova (September) per the Pathfinder Setting calendar.

Nothing could outshine Qadira in its magnificence, but the sorceress did grudgingly admit to herself that Absalom was charmingly quaint, and the foreign quarter held respite for those like her who wished for more familiar surroundings. The summons had come to her modest lodgings, and with some free time on her hands, she decided to attend this meeting.
Being far from home was troubling, but Nadira was no weakling. Nothing would induce her to go back home and cry in her mother's luxurious skirts. The private room in the modest tavern was comfortable. Carefully, she inspected the mead, and small spread before her, before taking a seat.
Avoiding the unsettling mounted heads, she waited tapping her fingers on the chair arm.

Aranel Shepherd

Aranel entered the secluded room of the tavern, thankful for respite from the noise in the main hall. And upon entering, noticed immediately the well-dressed, well seated woman in front of her. Aranel could not have made a more stark contrast. This one was beautiful, refined, and obviously born from wealth. Aranel herself was coarse, and charming enough in a countryside way, and came from the poorest of situations.

No matter, they were both here to do the same job. "Hello, friend. I'm Aranel."

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"And I'm Akash," came a voice from behind Aranel.
Continuing to the table, the new arrival pulled out a chair and sat down. "I'm sorry if I startled you, miss, but I don't think you heard me out there. Can I assume we're all here for the same thing?"

The sorceress did not have to wait for long, before some one else traipsed through the door. "Nadira Al-Karim," she waved imperiously towards the empty seats. "Please do take a seat, I don't know how long we'll be kept waiting." The newcomer seemed to have such a quaint manner about her, and it was in her advantage to be polite. Of course, the other man--Akash, was it?-- did surprise her.

"I assume so. Have either of you worked with Venture-Captain Hamshanks before?" If she had, then all the better for her to learn more about him.

Aranel Shepherd

"HAHAHAHA!! Hamshanks?!" She couldn't help laughing at the name. It took several seconds to regain her composure.

Aranel sat at the table and helped herself to a mug of mead, and poured two more for the others. "I'm sure we're all here for the same reason. But why do you look so dour, Akash? This should be fun."

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"Oh, yes" replied Akash. "I'm sure the mission will be most enjoyable. But this..."
Half-turning, he gestured to the main room and shook his head. "This is far too noisy to suit me."
"To answer Nadira's question, I haven't met the Venture Captain before" he finishes, taking a sip of the drink poured for him.

With a gracious nod of thanks to the half-elf, she sipped at the honey mead. "I can't deny being amused by that fact," she replied to Aranel. "You both have met before?" she asked, turning her curiosity onto them.

The Bronze Halberd - at least the name was nice. After all, a halberd was a decent weapon - with offensive and defensive properties. Bronze, a decorative metal, not very useful in a fight, but hey, it was a catchy name.

Brigid stepped into the tavern, dusting her clothing, and inspecting it for soot - no, no remnants of the forge left on her attire. Brigid was lucky enough to have found a blacksmith that, after she had shown him her abilities, would let the young woman sneak in and work on a few items. No need to let her talents go stale, after all! And there were so many new techniques to learn and master and send home to her father!

But a drink to quench the thirst that comes after standing in front of an active forge is not what brought Brigid here this time, no, since the horrible encounter with stinky lizard things at that fortress the Pathfinders actually seemed to like young Brigid and had sent her an invitation to show up here today.

And so here was Brigid.

The note had said a specific table, and Brigid wandered in that direction, finding three others already there. Lifting a hand, Brigid offered a wave and a smile to the other women. "Oh, good. Last group I was with was either male or Troglodyte. This should be a pleasant change," she offers in an attempt at a joke.


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