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Mysty Moon

At The InnMysty had no time to settle when a message came to set off againA witches work is never done she thought, arriving at the Inn she was shown to a small room at the back where she found to her surprise 4 others 3 of which were female. "Hello all My name is Mysty and this is Hoot, she gestured to the owl on her shoulder. "Well more women than men, that makes a change as my last mission was all boys". Mysty had pure White hair and light Blue eye's and wore a black cape, she helped herself to some food and grabbed a drink. Sitting down she says "you will have to excuse me I haven't ate all day" as she eats her food she offer's Hoot some tit-bits.

"What?!" exclaims Brigid. "Sweet Gods, by all means eat!" she snorts before shaking her head. Then she waves a hand and smiles all around, "That was my last experience as well. Good lads, don't get me wrong, but the trogs kinda made it miserable."

As her mug arrives, Brigid raises it with a warm smile for all at the table, "Here is to a better smelling set of experiences, mmm?"

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"I don't believe Aranel and I have met before," replied a surprised Akash. "I'm quite sure we never worked together."
"This looks to be an interesting group." He raised his drink to Brigid. "I shall try to keep the stench to a minimum."

Aranel Shepherd

Aranel shook her head. "No, no prior engagements with anyone here." Looking around the room, Aranel does let her eyes rest on Mysty. "Where are you from? And your owl? He is quite charming."

MystyMysty swallowed her food and then spoke to Aranel "sorry you will have to excuse me, yes I came from Nirmathas and when my parents found I had magic the dumped me in a forest where I was very lucky to find a family of half orcs. They took me in and taught me some basic survival. Later I found a coven of witches that were not evil but helped the community and they taught me most of what I know, when I got older I joined the pathfinders who trained me in combat and healing and Hoot is my best friend in the whole world". Mysty continued to eat her meal as she spoke to the others, making sure she never spoke with her mouth full.

As the group (minus one) finishes introducing themselves the door bursts open and Hamshanks pounds into the meeting room. For a moment the ruckus from outside in the main room can be heard, but then Hamshanks slams the door shut with a bang that echoes in your ears. Ignoring all pretense of pleasantries, the Venture-Captain walks around to the head of the table, shoving aside the chair placed there. He leans on the wooden surface with clenched fists, “Never time to do it right, is there? Gorum see us through this, then.” He grunts loudly and levels his glare at the entire room.

“I hope you lot aren't drunk, because I've got a lot to say and no time to repeat it. Ever been to Qadira? Religion is almost a fad down there, with new cults springing up like weeds and getting crushed just as quickly. It has been that way for centuries." One large hand comes up to scratch the stubbley beard covering his chin.

“But some make a mark—on Qadira or in the Chronicles. Three centuries ago, the archdevil Moloch, preaching surrender to the desert heat, suddenly became all the rage. Qadirans walked into the desert to die just as if the heat was their paradise. The most devout of them sought out the hidden Citadel of Flame, where a fearsome bull-headed idol of Moloch judged them. The worthy were sent to Malebolge, the sixth layer of Hell. No surprise that Sarenrae’s priests launched a mighty crusade to demolish the citadel. But after two weeks, a great sandstorm swallowed the entire expedition—and, it seemed, the citadel and its idol. Nothing more was heard from either." The Venture-Captain glares again at everyone, as if to make sure they were still listening well, though it would be easier to fall asleep to the sound of fighting dogs than to this man.

“Until ten days ago, that is. Sandstorms regularly scour the Qadiran highlands, and this time they emptied an entire valley of dunes. Poking out of that valley, visible only to those soaring above—such as a flying Pathfinder wizard—was the lofty spire of a fortress: the Citadel of Flame, presumably."

Hamshanks straightens up and gestures to the assembled Pathfinders. “Hopefully we are the first to learn about its reappearance and we need to act fast. The Decemvirate doesn’t expect any trouble, so they’re sending you. But I do expect trouble—who knows what’s infesting that citadel? Get in there fast and find that idol—it could be the key to the entire cult. It’s likely statue-sized, maybe as big as me, and should have a bull’s head on it. And for Gorum’s sake be careful.”

With that, Hamshanks crosses his arms and glares at the group with a raised eyebrow. Obviously if anyone wants to ask a question, they better do it quick, for it seems like the Venture-Captain has plenty of better places to be.

As if on cue, just as Hamshanks finishes his speech, a loud ruckus can be heard just outside the door. As the group turns to look, Orin opens the door, still trying to help the barmaid up that he'd knocked down. He apologizes profusely to the barmaid several times then turns to enter the room. That's when he realizes that he's interrupted the meeting...and he's late.

"My appologies, m'lord. I was unexpededly delayed by..." Orin began, but he could see the Venture-Captain was not interested in his excuse. And to be honest, it wasn't a very good one anyway.

An impressive specimen, standing 6'6" tall with the physique of a professional bodybuilder, Orin could not hide the flush of embarassment on his face. In the awkward silence, Orin slid a chair back to side down. The arm of the chair hit the table enough to jar the mugs of honey mead almost to the point of tipping over. Orin said a silent curse before getting the chair out and sitting down. With a deep sigh, Orin said, "Sorry I'm late."

That's when Orin noticed Brigid. He smiled and gave a small nod. He was not sure if she'd remember him or not. If not, and as with the others he did not know... what a way to meet.

"I have no questions and am ready to leave now" Mysty declares, she rises to her feet and gathers her pack and then faces the door "we off then"?

"Never been to Qadira, thought it would be nice to go, guess I get the chance to now..." starts Brigid while rising to greet the Venture-Captain. Then another figure enters the room and the young woman offers a nod and a hint of a smile towards the big man. "Ah! Orin! Good to see you again!" she offers before turning back to Hamshanks.

"Only question I have is where to get Qadira-appropriate attire. Somehow I think traditional Taldan dresses are going to be a bit heavy and cumbersome for what lies ahead of us." There is a pause before Brigid considers, then looks back to the Venture-Captain, "You wouldn't happen to have a big Ice Angel to fight off a demon statue in your bag there, would you? Otherwise, I'm done," she says with a warm smile, before holding her hands wide, and stepping back from her seat, giving the floor to others.

The ham of the hour- pardon the pun- had arrived before long. The sorceress had brightened up considerably when he had spoken up about Qadira. Ah, the dry heat of home. Though, her enthusiasm dimmed when he had brought up the mission which was to be far from civilization.

And Qadira was far from Absalom, and this mission was an urgent one. "Is our transport arranged? How are we getting there?" She placed her glass of mead on the table. Really, she had no need of it in that moment. "Do you have any contacts near this place?" There had to be some Pathfinder keeping a keen eye on the place, if it hadn't disappeared again.


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