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"Perhaps in the middle?" suggests Brigid as she adjust one of the many layers of her clothing - strange billowing fabrics. Shaking her head, Brigid adjusts her glaive and lifts a hand to shade her eyes as she stares into the distance. "I ... really have no idea."

Brigid then shrugs and looks to the Kelish Sorceress. "I suppose you are right. Adaptable we mortals are, it seems," she says before sighing and eyeing the others. "We also need shade. Should we set up camp or should we move in right away?"


"I imagine the inside of the temple has plenty of shade" replies Akash. He then shades his eyes and looks up at the cliffs, before stringing his bow. "Besides, there could be hungry wildlife around and we'd never see them on those ledges."

He ponders this a moment. "Does the desert have giant cats?"

Qadiran Desert, Outside The Citadel
Both Orin and Aranel are quickly overcome by the heat, Orin's metal armor baking the man in the harsh desert sun. The archways at the opposite end of the canyon beckon invitingly, the shade surely no mirage.

Orin and Aranel both take 4 nonlethal damage. Remember that healing lethal damage heals the same amount of nonlethal as well. I will need a marching order from everyone, as well as a DC20 Survival check.

"Shade, for now. We don't know what's waiting for us inside." In the shadow of the archways, it would help to get some respite from the heat, and prepare for their incursion inside the dreaded citadel.

She shrugged at the Vudrani's query. [b]"I know nothing of wild cats, especially out here."[b] The urban sprawl of Katheer, and its opulence was far more familiar to her.


With a shrug of his own, Akash replied "I was simply wondering. It seems like the kind of situation they would like - lie in wait, then pounce from above." He glanced back at Mysty, who still fanning an overheated owl. "Hoot would be nothing but a snack."

Mysty adjusts her backpack to fit hoot in and keep him out the sun, "would it not be better to travel at night out of the heat" Mysty says as hoot at last is in the shade.


Akash looked at Mysty as if she were crazy... which she might well be. "Wait until night? Waiting until it gets a little cooler, maybe, but night? I appreciate your confidence, but would rather not explore an unknown and probably deadly temple when it's DARK."

"I don't see what the problem is, there will be no light in there so we will be in the dark in and out" Mysty says to Akash.


"Sure, no light except for the windows and the gaping holes in the age-ravaged ceiling. This place was built for people that would lie out under the sun to die - there's probably plenty of open courtyards at least."

The sight of her companions looking more the worse for the sun has Brigid frowning. Nodding, almost absently, to the sorceress. "I believe that is wise," states the young woman, moving to assist Orin and Aranel. "Drink your water wisely," she notes, considering before pulling a scrap of cloth from her pack. "Put some water on this, and dab it to your faces, perhaps that will help?" she offers with a smile.

OOC Note: I forgot the -4 on my last roll for metal armor. But that would still be a 17. So I'm okay... for now.

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