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Random thoughts about Online games

Random thoughts about Online games

Some of you may have noticed that I was trying to put together a GURPS Online MMO. While it is still in the planning phase, probably a LONG way out in the future, assuming I can get Steve Jackson Games permission. I wanted to run some ideas by the people that play Online RPGs.

Banking is the first topic to ask about. What type of bank system do you like the best.
Each character has a vault.
Each server has a vault.
Or a combination of both.


My preference would be for individual vaults per character. This is my default stance. I do, however see the benefit of other options.

A combination of the both. That way I can keep the stuff I want safe, can be kept in my individual vault. Any stuff I want to donate to newbies can be done so anonymously via the "newbie" vault". The anonymity is important since I don't like being harassed by kids for "gold pl0x" or "itemz pl0x". Anonymous donations to a "newbie vault" would keep that down.

Whenever I play any game with large accrual of items, I demand space. The more the better, I am insatiable in this regard. Just about any timesink required to unlock more backpack space, banking space or guild banking you can count on me spending to unlock space over gear just about any day of the week.

So, I would assume that there is a personal vault, and would prefer to have an additional 'shared stash' vault that you can send gear to and from other characters on your account easily. Though, I am a packrat and this just means I will have every nook and cranny filled full of random stuff for years... maybe you would like to discourage that kind of behavior =)

My basic idea was to have a personal vault, a shared vault, per account. Was also thinking about using a house as a minor vault as well, or having the ability to put a safe in the house to hold items, but that one you would have to be at home to get t it.

Next Question:

Upon death, I had the idea of allowing the character to do several things. Travel to the halls of the dead and :
1. Wait till one of the their team mates can resurrect them.
2. Traverse the halls and resurrect themselves.
3. Wait till the nearest clerical order notices that their dead and resurrect them, usually a paid service.

With this being about GURPS, I also take into account the -5 times HT needed to actually die.

In terms of personal storage space, I would like to have an account shared between my characters on a single account and a personal account. Maybe space in my house as well.
On the other paw, one of the biggest problems in MMOs is the problem of inflation. You are generating a lot of money, but after a certain point there's nothing to spend it on. So how about actually paying rental for vault space? You get a certain amount for free, but more than that and you have to pay, and the cost goes up as the size does. Houses have free vault space, and more expensive houses have more space. Of course, you're paying rent for the house, so this extra "free" vault space has a hidden cost... :-)

interesting idea. Another thing I was thinking about is making several money sinks when dealing with housing. Was also thinking upgrades for housing. As land permits, your able to start with a shack, one room with a bed and a locker at best. As the size of the house grows, your able to upgrade things inside the house or buy new.

Several money sinks when dealing with housing are already planned. Rent on house or buy, upgrades to houses you own, more land to build up your house/estate. thinking shack - hut - small house - house - large house - small mansion(small estate, possibly multiple buildings, defensible), medium mansion(small estate or larger, definately more than one building, upgrades to defenses), large mansion(medium estate or larger, more than three or four buildings needed, Very defensible), small keep(estate, guard barracks, walls, defensible, aka first guild hall, starts city), medium keep(walls have towers), large keep(addition of moat to possible buildings, surrounds one outer wall, even it its inside the outermost wall), Small Castle(allows access to larger city buildings and various structures not available earlier), medium castle, Large castle, and then finally Kingdom Castle. Each would have a level of vault built in, some would have the ability to build a bank to allow your citizens to access a bank.


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