Tomb of Horrors

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Tomb of Horrors

Tomb of Horrors - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I've had a lull in some of my games on the weave, so here I am, running Tomb of Horrors. See below for details. As always, I'm not perfect, so please let me know if I missed anything.

Game Description:

Who: Players need not be experienced, but must be literate writers, good role players, and reliable. Last is most important.
What: The 3.5 update for the famous D&D module: Tomb of Horrors.
Where: I use an amalgamation D&D universe with all (nearly) of the campaign settings present. Point of Origin: Greyhawk.
When: Consider all of the calendars synced at the generic "start time" for the campaign setting of your choice.
Why: I wanted a relatively fast-paced game with reliable players.

Character Creation:
Sources: All Official WotC 3.5 Books/Web Articles. No 3rd Party/Homebrew. No exceptions. Magazines case by case.
Level 8, 36 Point Buy, Max HP at 1st, Roll the rest with a minimum of HD rounded down + CON each level.
2 Flaws, 2 Traits (NO HOMEBREW)
Standard WBL
Action Points are in use as per the SRD

What to Expect:
I want this to be fun for everyone.
I value role playing greatly and use circumstance bonuses, ad-hoc rewards, and the like.
I do not pull punches, but I try and play by the rules.
Occasionally, I mess up. Please point it out in a polite manner.
If you disagree with me in any way, or have a request for a change or bending of a rule, bring it up politely and we can discuss.
My word is Law (see above though).
Around 1 post a day from me. I expect the same from my players. Weekends I tend to be more lenient.

Expect one well formatted daily post and lots of badly formatted phone posts.
Thanks Evil One. I am just tired from making the character all day. LOL

MadHatter, I'm totally down for making linked back stories! Just let me know what kind of character you're doing and we can see what we can do. With so much content available I'm gonna have to think on it a bit to figure out what I wanna use.


Check out the forum. My character is done and posted.

This sounds very intriguing, and it's inspiring me to do something similar. Do you allow Psionics? If so, I'm thinking of a Swashbuckler/Lurk

Standard wealth for the level. Dragon/Dungeon Mag probably not, but I'll listen. Psionics is fine.

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. No new mechanics like that though. However, take brew potion, Alchemy, amd some feats, and you can do alot flavor wise.

Is this the old Tomb of Horrors or the Return to the Tomb of Horrors that came out in the late 90s?

Nope, different version.

Is this going to be gritty, difficult and exhausting? Because dungeoncrawls are awesome like that.


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