Tomb of Horrors

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Tomb of Horrors

Tomb of Horrors - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

I've had a lull in some of my games on the weave, so here I am, running Tomb of Horrors. See below for details. As always, I'm not perfect, so please let me know if I missed anything.

Game Description:

Who: Players need not be experienced, but must be literate writers, good role players, and reliable. Last is most important.
What: The 3.5 update for the famous D&D module: Tomb of Horrors.
Where: I use an amalgamation D&D universe with all (nearly) of the campaign settings present. Point of Origin: Greyhawk.
When: Consider all of the calendars synced at the generic "start time" for the campaign setting of your choice.
Why: I wanted a relatively fast-paced game with reliable players.

Character Creation:
Sources: All Official WotC 3.5 Books/Web Articles. No 3rd Party/Homebrew. No exceptions. Magazines case by case.
Level 8, 36 Point Buy, Max HP at 1st, Roll the rest with a minimum of HD rounded down + CON each level.
2 Flaws, 2 Traits (NO HOMEBREW)
Standard WBL
Action Points are in use as per the SRD

What to Expect:
I want this to be fun for everyone.
I value role playing greatly and use circumstance bonuses, ad-hoc rewards, and the like.
I do not pull punches, but I try and play by the rules.
Occasionally, I mess up. Please point it out in a polite manner.
If you disagree with me in any way, or have a request for a change or bending of a rule, bring it up politely and we can discuss.
My word is Law (see above though).
Around 1 post a day from me. I expect the same from my players. Weekends I tend to be more lenient.

Expect one well formatted daily post and lots of badly formatted phone posts. With phone posts, it's easy to unsubscribe by accident, if I go missing, please PM me, it's probably that.
Let's just say, the unprepared will die horrible horrible deaths. As far as humor/horror level, I walk the line. There will be moments of humor juxtaposed with the dark, cold, creepy interior of a tomb.

Will I need to make a magical class to take advantage of the "brew potions" and other feats, or can I do such and emulate it with a non magical class to emulate cooking.

You'll have to be a magical class with the spell on your list to brew potions, as per usual. Alchemy, on the other hand, requires no class investment. Do look at some of the expanded alchemy craft lists. There's quite a selection, and I AM willing to let you find things in a dungeon to brew up.

mmmm kobold cook? I really don't want to do the artificer I think that is the wrong techquiqe for this, and maybe more along the druid for such fun.

I have nothing against Kobolds, or chefs. Just remember crafting times, and the legal means of speeding them up.

hmm...would you let me get away with me cooking as my devotion time for spells? Some goddess of the hearth or something

Meh nvm I think, I remember now about potions level limits , and how much they suck compared to other magical methods of buffing. Can we slap the skulls from frostburn which are exactly like potions just without the 3rd level caster limit.

Praying for spells over breakfast? Sure, don't care. You can't refresh every meal though. One meal a day. Same time each day.

There are feats that speed up crafting times, but not to the extent that you could brew multiple potions per day (Either Magical or Alchemical). Cooking a full meal, even just some grilled meat and vegetables, takes at least 30 minutes (including prep and cleanup times). If you want multiple and varied magical/alchemical effects per day, it's just not going to feasibly happen. That being said, please do make a Cleric (or whatever) Chef with a deity of the Hearth/Home/Community/whatever works, and give them Craft (Cooking) if you want, I'm just not going to reinvent the wheel for it. If you wish to discuss this topic further, that's absolutely fine. Please take it to PMs though so as not to clutter this thread.

Alright, think I will be ditching the idea, effort + effectiveness I think would drag the party down slightly and more book keeping then I want to really take take of.


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