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What metal does the Weave enjoy?

Oh sweet merciful metal god! What have I done! I make fun of people who do that!

Forgive me god of metal for my sin!

Originally Posted by SinGin View Post
@ShamedShadow: are they still together? I haven't caught news of them bringing out something new yet.
As far as I'm aware, they're technically still together. One of the times I saw them live though they had Rhapsody of Fire's lead singer heading the band. He did a pretty good job too.

But as for new music? I don't think we'll see anything new from them for a while. (Not that they don't already have quite a few albums out there to enjoy.)

Copper. Best carrier of electrons for the money.

Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Van Halen. Oh, and Scorpions. Older school metal.

Kinda reviving an old-ish thread here, but I just recently discovered Kamelot has a new lead singer, and he is GOOD. I mean Roy Khan levels of good.

Sacrimony, featuring the new lead singer: Tommy Karevik.

The metal I listen to? Hmmm...pretty broad category.

My taste in music switches from day to day, so one day I could be kicking some In Flames and rocking the hell out of my iPhone while doing so. But the next day I may be in the mood to go a little old school and fire up some WASP and listen to Blackie belt out "Blind in Texas".

Of course, my library includes just about everything from the 70s and 80s, including a lot of first wave punk (Black Flag and Sex Pistols, for example), and depending on my mood I may throw down a little Beck or Butthole Surfers. And some days I may need something a little more...modern. For example, earlier today I was listening to Adelita's Way (gotta give it up for the hometown boys).

Lately, I find myself listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson, sprinkled with a little bit of Breaking Benjamin. What can I say - I can listen to all kinds of stuff.

Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth" is quite a good metal album. It's basically a Silmarillion-themed concept album, with little snippets of the book thrown in between some fantastically crazy-good musical tracks (my particular favorite is the album's opening, which features a conversation between Sauron and Morgoth shortly before the latter's capture by the Eldar. Great stuff).

Second that! That album is awesome.

Besides what has been mentioned, I enjoy metal punk like Suicidal Tendencies, Strung Out and Pour Habit.

Also, I have a fondness for Metal covers of songs like August Burns Red's version of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

OH, and loungified metal done by Richard Cheese... does that count?


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