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Telepathy vs Detect Thoughts

I don't have my MM handy. Where in the Pseudodragon's entry is this use of Telepathy specified?

In the little notes section right towards the end about how to acquire a pseudodragon as a companion and/or familiar.

So, nowhere near the actual rules regarding how a Pseudodragon's abilities actually function?

Could you point out where the "actual" rules are versus what I have mentioned?

Well, like I said, I don't have my MM readily accessible (it's in a box along with most of the rest of my 3.5 books in a storage space), so I'm going to have to go off the SRD for this, and someone else can confirm or refute it, but I would suggest looking in the Pseudodragon's entry somewhere in the vicinity of a bolded text entry titled "Telepathy (Su)".

Originally Posted by Telepathy (Su)
Pseudodragons can communicate telepathically with creatures that speak Common or Sylvan, provided they are withing 60 feet.
That is all it states. Then about 4 or 5 lines later, it states:
Originally Posted by Pseudodragon Companions
A pseudodragon may very rarely seek humanoid companionship. It stalks a candidate silently for days, reading his or her thoughts and judging his or her deeds.
I'm not sure why you might say some takes priority over the other, there is nothing conflicting about it. I just pointed it out because it is odd and, as far as I know, the only point in the Monster Manual where it is implied telepathy can be used to "listen in" on someone's thought, which is what the original post had asked about.

The second part describes only behaviour, not capability. That is to say that while it states that they do those things, their entry is entirely lacking in the ability to do those things. That being the case, it would be reasonable to conclude that the second section is garbage text.

Unless the rules text like 4 or 5 lines above it describes the capability?

Using GURPS definition, you always start by listening to the thoughts of the person your going to speak to. Basically you touch the mind to make sure it is the right mind, and then talk. Telepathy includes mind reading. Mind reading is basically just listening to the thoughts of others. Telepathy is both listening to and talking to others.


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