2nd Edition, Age of Discovery Game

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2nd Edition, Age of Discovery Game

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It's a 2e game set in more of a 1700's period (technologically speaking). There are all sorts of rules associated with it, and it's a homebrew setting.

What I'm looking for is a player (or players, depending) who is active, enthusiastic, and committed. The nature of this campaign makes it very difficult to replace people, but because it's so early in it, I'm kinda just "waving the DM wand" on it.

Most of the setting is described in the setting itself, but to spin up potential players for what's happened since: The boat has traversed it's (small) ocean, it's made landfall, and the first camp is being scouted out.

The setting and homebrew rules info can all be seen below:

Game Description:

A world where the inexorable march of time tramps on, where elves and dwarves have consigned themselves to isolationist policies, where humans strive for technological superiority, where gnomes and halflings are derisively seen as mere entertainment, whether they be performers or seen simply as a sub-human circus.

Cultural isolation breeds distrust, and distrust often enough morphs into something far, far more sinister.

If this didn't have firearms I'd be all over it. But, I'm not a fan of firearms in 2nd edition AD&D, so I might just read along.

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