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Fantastic Journeys

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Whatever your life in your home realm you have now entered into something much greater. As a walker you will see many things that those limited to a single realm will never see , and you may be the only thing standing against a threat to the entire multiverse.

I am thinking 200/-75 for characters with the Campaign TL being 5

though you can personally come from any realm between 0 and 5 some possibly divergent such as a TL 3+2 realm that accomplishes the same thing using magic or a material unique to that realm rather than the normal methods

Game Description:

You are one of a group of incredibly rare individuals. You are a Walker able to to jump between realms. You will start the game after just becoming aware of your abilities after unwillingly being transported to a small pocket realm where you find several others as surprised as you are. You have only whatever you were carrying when your transportation occurred.

This game is loosely inspired by things such as Magic the gathering and the Pendragon Adventure Book series. Your characters will end up traveling across realms and while there will be an overarching threat there will be significant freedom to pursue your own ends and try and find other plot hooks

Interesting. Would you then expect us to buy the Warp power, or something, as part of the points? Or would we get the Walker ability free?

Originally Posted by Saabre View Post
heh, I was assuming the Walker power was free.
Me too. I mean, if we all have it, there's no real value in making us pay for it. Unless there's relative power levels that could come into play...

yeah, 100 points isn't something you can sneeze at. <.<'

There is a bundle of Walker abilitiers including the actual travel ability and a minor translation ability that everyone will get for free


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