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Whatever your life in your home realm you have now entered into something much greater. As a walker you will see many things that those limited to a single realm will never see , and you may be the only thing standing against a threat to the entire multiverse.

I am thinking 200/-75 for characters with the Campaign TL being 5

though you can personally come from any realm between 0 and 5 some possibly divergent such as a TL 3+2 realm that accomplishes the same thing using magic or a material unique to that realm rather than the normal methods

Game Description:

You are one of a group of incredibly rare individuals. You are a Walker able to to jump between realms. You will start the game after just becoming aware of your abilities after unwillingly being transported to a small pocket realm where you find several others as surprised as you are. You have only whatever you were carrying when your transportation occurred.

This game is loosely inspired by things such as Magic the gathering and the Pendragon Adventure Book series. Your characters will end up traveling across realms and while there will be an overarching threat there will be significant freedom to pursue your own ends and try and find other plot hooks

We are going to be romping around in multiple dimensions, including the one that we, the players, live in. I'm sure it will be a mixture of everything.

As suggested in the ad, after a bit of introduction players will be able to pursue their own goals to a degree though there will be an overarching plot element that will affect everyone eventually, and speaking just for that one element it will require social manipulations, force of arms, and a quick wit to resolve, I think social would be primary just because through social interactions the other two can be avoided if one is good enough at it.

As to the place of a TL barbarian chief, That would fit in somewhat well could be the one more in tune with nature and survival in it relative to higher TL 'civilized' folk, he could be more shamanistic, you could go on a quest to transport the advanced tools you find in other realms to aid your tribe back home.

Also I wanted to get opinions on magic - I set up a realm system in the game forums but now that I think on it I wanted to see what everyone else thought. The options I like best are the previously mentioned realm system, RPM from monster hunters, or the standard spell system maybe allowing for ritual to cast untrained spells or using threshold instead of FP, and last but not least maybe Magic as powers with different divisions such as conjurers/evokers/enhancers, etc delineating what abilities can be learned

This look quite interesting.

I would like to play as either some kind of quintessential gentleman or mage, perhaps my chaacter will be both.

On Magic: Personally I have a marked preference for either the standard magic system or Magic as Powers, primarily because those are the ones I am familiar with. I am entirely neutral on rituals for unknown spells or threshold versus FP.
A further reason from what I have heard about the path style magic it requires a good deal of "haggling", for lack of a better word, between the GM and the mage, which could be a very slow process in a pbp game, through due to my lack of personal experience with it, that may be completely wrong.

I'm not entirely clear on how the magic would work. How are the effects of spells determined? But to be perfectly honest I've never used the GURPS magic system either. So really it would be learning something either way for me.

As for my character I am not entirely surely yet. I was thinking of playing something like an Ogre. But I am not sure if I want to go with a having it be from from a shamanistic tribal society in the lower TLs or from a more cosmopolitan society based around using magic to power their machines. Or possibly something else entirely. There are multiple possibilities for their culture.

I'm of the same mind as Vegetalss4, I'd prefer magic as powers or that standard skill-based magic system since those are what I'm familiar with. I've never done magic by any other system. I also am not familiar with the rituals for unknown spells and whatever threshold magic is.

I just noticed the post in the game forum on magic. Is that an existing system from one of the books? And if so which book would I find it in? I'm completely confused so I'm hoping there is more info on it to help me understand it.

It is realm magic from thaumatology I just selected the realms and appropriate modifiers.

Listening to opinions I think I will go with the standard spell system but not forbid using advantages for people wishing to model a limited use of magic such as a more one trick pony.
I may tweak the basic system a bit though by splitting the colleges into different "colors" of magic where each practitioner can only learn spells from colleges in their "color

Originally Posted by Robinski View Post
I'm interested. How can I be apart of it?
You can get involved by posting a character submission in the RTJ thread in the game


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