The Silence of the Stones

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The Silence of the Stones

The Silence of the Stones - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

The Silence of the Stones, an Adventure in D&D 3.5

Hello and welcome. Thank you for reading this application. If you have it in you to doggedly chase a story for a chance to do great things, make mistakes, learn secrets, laugh, weep, and bleed, then please, read on!

I will set recruiting to end by 12:01 AM, November 14th. I may extend this period as necessary. If I choose to end the recruiting period, I will announce it at least five days beforehand.

I expect daily or near-daily posts from all players, barring holidays or announced absences. We all have lives, but I'm interested in committed applicants only.

I will happily answer questions, and feel free to put in private tags anything that you don't wish your fellow applicants to know about your character. When you have posted a WIP to the Character Applications thread, you can request that I put up a personal PM thread where we can work out any details you need my input on.

Game Description:

The Silence of the Stones, an Adventure in D&D 3.5

In a lightless lake, untold fathoms below the surface of the earth, there is a sandy shore, and a road of broken stone that leads to the tower. Not a ripple breaks the glassy surface of the water, but still the tower looks worn and broken, its back broken by some ancient tragedy, consigned to a stilly, desolate abyss.

Then, in the eternal subterranian night, there is a glimmer of light: A sick glowworm of illumination from a ruined tower window that nonetheless stands out like a star. A click, and then- music. A tinny, warped tune: a musicbox dirge that whispers loss to the lifeless underground sea.

If there's nothing out there...
Then what was that noise?

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Lion Totem barbarian is fine. However I rule doing so automatically disqualifies you from taking the feat Shock Trooper, and that if you take the Leap Attack feat, you may only use it in conjunction with Pounce during the same round that you began raging.

I believe a Warmage is in order. The game look's good. Looking forward to blowing up anyone who tries to drag me off to be a court magician =D

Edit: Just realized how presumptus that looked XD Ment if I get in.

Warmage is fine. Self-Confidence is good. There is a thread set up HERE where you may put sheets and Apps in progress.
I strongly prefer that you use the profiler on Mythweavers to construct your sheet.

Always use the sheet =) Hell it's the reason I ended up on the site XD

4 level Warmage, should be a simple enough build. I like the idea of a mage abandoning his other types of magic just to go all out offensive against anyone who could possibly hunt him.

Interested. I'm contemplating a druid, possibly using the shapeshift variant from PHBII.

Relevant questions: have you any thoughts on how druidic sects (if any) and druid magic fit into the setting? You've given some detail on how magic works, but most of it seems tailored to arcane magic. Does divine magic require a similar spark, or is it limited only by the favor of inscrutable, stingy gods (and if so, what's the deal with druids)? Are young people who display some sign of godly favor—or a knack for divine magic—treated the same as those with budding sorcerous talent? I'm tentatively thinking of playing a country girl who was bundled off to the Academy upon showing signs of being a shiftling, and am wondering if this is commonplace, unusual or unheard of.

@ The Snark
Druids do exist on the fringes of civilization, but practicing the druidic religion is something you can still technically be executed for. Even in these lax days, a practicing druid would do well to guard the fact. Druids are almost exclusively elves and half-elves who share a closer link with the mysterious Fey who populate the furthest reaches of the ancient forests of the Northwest than perhaps any other mortals. Druids only originate in this region, but they carry their influence and power with them wherever they go. Well-adjusted people do not become druids.

Religion as a whole:
Individual churches operate more like guilds, and for those predilected towards hierarchy or organization, their presence is felt in every fief of the Empire, which is ostensibly secular. If you are favored enough by a god to have the divine spark, they will usually guide your footsteps to a place where your sisters will know you and can offer some training. Again, technically the Empire has claim upon your unconditional service, but practically speaking the church you affiliate yourself with Informs the Empire of your existence, and they pay an annuity to the Throne to guarantee your autonomy. This system is subject to some evasion and subversion, as you might imagine.
EDIT: I should note that the Academy has not traditionally been kind to magicians unclaimed by a god whose magic does not fit patterns it understands.


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