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US Presidential Election Results thread

Let's get this party started.

Exit polls in the US's furthest-east territory (that'd be Guam) show an 11-4 decision for Obama. No official results yet, but it's coming up to 10pm there.

Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
'Cause Guam is representative of the mainland.
I never said they are. It was just a report of voting results.

If Johnson gets more votes than Romney *anywhere*, that should be a great big wake-up call to Republicans everywhere, and make them re-think exactly what they stand for. Because Johnson is standing for what the Republicans used to stand for.

More than anything I want to see Johnson win an electoral vote just to see the waves that would cause.

Highly unlikely though.

Originally Posted by Lord Ben View Post
First Results are in - Dixville Notch has gone 5 for Obama and 5 for Romney. Last time was 15 Obama, 6 McCain. With a loss of 2/3rds of his supporters and only 1/6th of Republican voters I think we can safely extrapolate this across the Country and welcome President Romney as our next President. He will serve alongside such other esteemed figures in our nation's history such as President Bob Dole and President Hubert Humphrey. (every other election they got right)
Wow, you're even worse than I though.

It's also worth noting that there's currently only twelve residents of the village, so it doesn't really mean much of anything. On the other hand, congratulations to the residents of Dixville Notch for achieving a turnout of 83%. I have a sinking suspicion that will be near the high point of the election.

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