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While everyone's trying to be diplomatic, Roscoe will ask the cultists if they have any packages for the Pathfinder Society they can take off their hands.

Was that the other mission? Do we have to lead the Sarenites out of the catacombs? I thought they were safer down here...

as near as I can tell, some of us are attempting to complete some faction missions. Meanwhile the rest of us, I am not so sure about.

EDIT: Also I am just not rolling well lately.

Well, I think we are supposed to be trying to find a way to smuggle some of these Saranae-ites out of Oppara, and get the goods that Muesello was smuggling as well. That requires us to face Delsine at some point, or whatever his name is. i'm having a horrible time with this stuff.

Well, I'm currently at this juncture rather confused. It seems like some people are talking to certain NPCs, and different NPCs are responding... people are throwing around Diplo's and Intimidates left and right... And I'm not even sure what our actual mission is at this point (for the Society as a whole). Retrieve some packages? Fight this magus dickhole?

Roscoe's just going to roll a Sense Motive (and use Detect Evil on everyone, cultists and all).
Dice Roll: 1d20-1
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 0)

That result seems fitting.


Your mission is still to retrieve the packages.

Currently: There are two different NPC "conversations" going on right now.
  1. Ahan, who is part of a faction mission.
  2. Akkuret, who is more story-based.

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