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Alright. Missions are up, for reals this time. I'll get started on the IC post.

We're going to start in media res, so please do any shopping/etc. now. All you've been told is that something is happening in Oppara and you're being sent on the fastest ship they've got.

Good question...

I've got my own question for you: It doesn't make a difference in this encounter (hopefully), but... You all are at an APL of 2.5 ... would you guys prefer to play up (tier 3-4) or play down(tier 1-2)? I do strongly urge you to play down, but you should have the choice.

Level 1 characters will get two votes.

EDIt: Oh, and ... sorry for the massive wall of text... It won't happen again, I can assure you.

When you say up...you mean like Ghast Cleric up? I have to admit to being quite leery about these scenarios and their idea of balanced end bosses.

A big question for me about up is whether it means the DC's for faction missions is higher?

That is not for you to know, AH. >.> No more of your semi-cheating!

(But really; Faction mission DCs don't change one whit. Sucks for you low level characters...)

Really? The DC's for Tier 1 are the same for Tier 6-7? That seems crazy or am I misunderstanding something?

Given your "strongly" recommending we play down, I vote down since half the party (I think) is 1st level.


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