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Good gravy! I take the night off from the computer to hang out with a friend and his family that was running for school board and y'all go crazy!

So that buying in media res thing, that means we can't buy until after we actually have a chance to in game right? Or were we supposed to do that in our first post?

@LucianV: Just purchase what you need, just as if you had done your shopping at the Grand Lodge General Store as you were ushered out and onto this mission. I'm not going to be a stickler about it.

Well in that case I'll also need a scroll of door never opens. (just kidding)

I say we put the refugees infont and behind the group. That way, they'll spring any traps before the more valuable Pathfinders do, and they can absorb machine gun fire as we flee.

Refugees are a dime a dozen in Golarian. Pathfinders take lots of time and money to make. :|

As an even remotely good person, I'm afraid Samara would not be okay with that. But feel free to suggest it in character.

um... last I checked, evil alignments are against the rules... and that is clearly an evil action. Or a selfish one at the very least.

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