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Sveyn continues to attempt to aid in barring the door from entry. Meanwhile Snow has made his way down into the tunnel underneath the building.

Roscoe Goodpepper

The evacuation of the cultists seemed to be going fairly well. With half of them safely down below, Roscoe turns Duke around back towards the stairs and the remaining Sarenites.

On the way, he can't help but grin at Samara... his gaze lingers on her a bit longer than he meant to, however. Snapping out of it, he urges Duke back up the stairs.
"Come on, boy, only a few more to go!"

With the door blocked and held by Sven, Kujo went to grab any of the refugees that were too old or too small to move quickly and carried them.

You have chosen character number 29 out of a possible 3

Leena continues to help with the evacuation of the cultists. She asks if one of them is Ahan and if so relays the message she was told to give him.

Elizabeth W.

Samara the Crimson Witch

Moving over to their escape route, Samara prepared to go down herself. Though now that she had made her presence known, if she suddenly wasn't there, it would be a bad situation for Muesello. Making her way back over to the Venture Captain, she knocked over a chair to make more noise. She only hopped her gambit had bought them enough time to evacuate everyone.

As she stood next to Muesello, she whispered as quietly as she could. "Are you coming with us old man?" Her eyes sparkled like molten gold in the lighting of the room, giving her an otherworldly and exotic look.

Urging the last of the refugees down the stairs, Laeris turns back to the room. Pointing at various people, she motions them to the trapdoor, finally nodding in agreement with Samara's whisper to Muesello, waving both of them, and the Ulfen as well. Then her eyes look to Samara once more, sizing her up. "Giggle," she suggests to Samara then looking to Muesello, "Chide her for flirting at a time like this. Then come, all of you," she whispers as best she dares, waving her arms towards the entrance in an encouraging manner for the others.

Muesello's face still flushed, shakes his head in response to Samara. "No. If there isn't anyone here, they'll be even more suspicious. I'll hold them off as long as I can. Go with the others. I'll lock the door and disguise it once more... be wary, they'll know something is up and won't give up the pursuit that easily."
"Time's up! OPEN THIS DOOR OR WE'LL BREAK IT DOWN!" The banging on the door begins once more... and from the sounds of grunting and shuffling outside, it seems like they might just have the means to open the door.
The last of the cultists make their way through the trapdoor, Muesello ushering the rest of you through it. "Stay with the Sarenites tonight... Remember, get those parcels back from Chalfon Dalsine! Take them to the Grand Lodge... and may the gods be with you!"
Muesello slams the trapdoor shut. Through it, you hear him mumble a few words of magic, and then a grating sound as he shifts something on top of the door.

It is dark down in the basement, the room filled to bursting with Sarenites and Pathfinders... not to mention the debris of Muesello's mechanical hobbies. In the far corner is a stone staircase descending into the darkness... Above, a *boom* indicates the end of the Militia's patience as a portable ram is applied to the door. The Sarenites, having already suffered many shocks recently, only wince at the sound. The man closest to the stairs peers down them and into the dark. "He said this leads to the Catacombs, right? I think we can find our way to the Vault... although I’m not familiar with this particular part of the catacombs. Do you have a light?"

As you descend into the darkness, could you establish a marching order?
Assume 10' wide corridors and don't forget to include the Sarenites.


Mounted on Duke, lance in hand, Roscoe makes his way to the front of the group.
"I'll lead the way; if we run into any danger, I prefer some space to charge. We'll need some light… I have a few torches, but my hands are full with weapons."

Leena shudders at the noise above and then shakes her head. Nothing she can do for Muesello right now. Right now the cultists are the priority. Reaching into her backpack she pulls out her lantern, casts Light on it and starts looking for an oil flask and flint & steel. She hands the lantern and hands it to the nearest human as she finds an oil flask and flint & steel.

Elizabeth W.


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