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Samara the Crimson Witch

"You didn't have to be a hero old man..." Samara took a deep breath as she ran her fingers through her scarlet tresses. If he was going to sacrifice himself, so be it. Samara wasn't going to let it be in vain.

"Alright then, let's get moving. Muesello's given us a bit of a head start, so let's make it count." She paused to consider the Halfling woman as she draws her lantern, and then cast's light on it. "That's adorable."

Forming the cultists up in the center, Samara let herself hang back until they had all passed. She knew the others would all place themselves where they thought they would be most useful, so she didn't bother directing them. She moved next to Laeris, and gave her a knowing wink and a sly smile. "It's nice to know someone appropriates my creativity."

As they began to get themselves ready to move, Samara tugged gently at the cloak of the refuge closest to her. "Are there many exits to the surface from these tunnels? Come to think of it, where is this Vault we are supposed to be heading to?"

To the cultist holding her lantern, "Hold it still while I put the oil in will you? Thanks. I'll light it later." Leena says politely and puts oil in the lantern and gets it ready to be lit. Leena then stays near the middle of the group.

Elizabeth W.

"There are many exits to the surface... but I'm not familiar with this part of the catacombs... the Vault is down here somewhere. Hopefully we'll be able to find our bearings quickly... It’s not the safest place, as we’ve encountered criminals and dangerous creatures down here from time to time, but I don’t think we have a better choice at the moment. The Porthmos Militia has likely alerted the other city guards to us. I doubt the streets are any safer at the moment, if we could even get there from down here."

Lareis casts a gaze into the darkness, before looking over the cultists. "We are fine down here for now," offers Lareis, casting a glance over her shoulder towards where the group had come from. "We need to walk forward and find something familiar to you, that you can then use to orient yourself. Are any of these catacombs marked, in any sort of manner?" is the next question as the half-elven woman walks along with the others.

Seriousness first, then Lareis offers a grin to Samara. "There is no denying pure genius in a crisis," she notes with a lilt of laughter to her voice. "It bought us the fex extra moments we needed."

Then Laeris looks around, with the hint of a frown. "The lever, did we collapse the entrance? Muesello told us to, and we should actually do so. If they start searching the building, they will find this and have a quick, direct route to the Vault and ourselves. That should not happen," notes the half-elf pausing to look around and get her bearings. The lever was down the hall from the stairs the man had said.

Bringing up the rear, Kujo waits for everyone to clear the staircase by a good five feet and then he pulls the lever that Muesello spoke of.

You have chosen character number 29 out of a possible 2

Ushering everyone down the stairs and into the Catacombs proper, Kujo brings up the rear and pulls the lever described by Muesello. With a crash and a cloud of stone debris, the stairs collapse behind him. The man looks back at Lareis, "I think so... I'm not nearly as familiar as Xene and Sophone are... I'm sure they know the way." He sounds almost as if he is trying to convince himself.

Two of the women cultists, one a human the other a halfling, consult with each other for a moment, before one of them points towards one of the many branching passages in the gloom. "That way... I think."

The catacombs twist and turn, the passages ranging in width from narrow five-foot crawlspaces to massive twenty foot avenues. The walls and floors vary in material from rough-hewn stone to cobblestone to moldering wooden boardwalks. The current stone passage spans a width of twenty feet and features dozens of smaller, five- and ten-foot-wide, round tunnels branching off every few yards. The air is dry and still.

The human woman Xene and the halfling woman named Sophone seem to be the only cultists comfortably familiar with the catacombs. They navigate the catacombs from memory, often counseling one another privately when unsure which way to go. More than once they double back after reaching a dead end, evidence that their knowledge of the tunnel systems is not entirely perfect.

In addition to the above check(s), can Roscoe Samara and Lareis give me three Perception checks each.


Ever alert for danger, Roscoe keeps an eye out in the gloom for anything suspicious. Duke pads along beneath him, panting and sniffing at the various new smells.

You have chosen character number 30 out of a possible 2
You have chosen character number 30 out of a possible 2

You have chosen character number 30 out of a possible 2

Sorry, my Sheet Roll number went up. Roll is the same, but the modify changes. Fixed

Dice Roll: 1d20+8z
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 24)
looks (24) around the area.
Dice Roll: 1d20+8z
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 17)
Additional Perception Check (17).

Elizabeth W.

"We should be marking the halls, or making a map," notes Lareis, patting herself down for paper, and cursing the fact she doesn't seem to have any. "Who has paper and something to write with?" she asks. "We should map this, for use later. We can smuggle others who worship Seranae, or are persecuted unjustly. Perhaps we can find a way around the city walls, as well."

None the less, the half-elven woman does her best to step lightly and quietly - dark eyes every wary for trouble, even as she continues soft conversation. "I am Lareis Kelbrom, of the Barrowood in Cheliax." A pause is given as one hand falls to the morningstar at her side, and then brush a necklace beneath her clothing. "[B]I know all too well the horrors of persecution, prejudice and oppression," she notes softly. "I suppose that is why the Everbloom whispered to me. I will not let this treatment stand while I still take in breath."


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