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Sveyn follows the others, club in hand, quietly watching trying to keep an eye out for any dangers that might present themselves. Meanwhile Snow attempts to merge into the shadows so as to get the drop on any would be attackers.

Samara the Crimson Witch

Samara shook her head in agreement with Lareis. "I was thinking the same thing. But I'm afraid I'm fresh out of parchment and ink." Samara dug through her bag as they walked, pulling out a scroll, she unfurled it and turned it over. "But I suppose if anyone has something to write with, I could use the back of one of these..." She didn't really care to ruin her scrolls, but it was only the back and it was for a good cause.

"Well met Lareis. I'm Samara...of Irrisen." Samara had always taken the stance that it was never a good idea to give people all the details about yourself, no matter how much you liked them. She doubted it would come up in casual conversation anyway.

Overhearing the discussion, Roscoe rummages around in his pack before producing a piece of chalk.
"I don't have anything to write with, but we can mark the walls with chalk as we go along, to make sure we don't get lost."

"A pleasure, Samara," offers the half-elven woman in her warm tone. Wrinkling her nose in thought, Lareis sighs as she withdraws her morningstar. "Alas, I have no chalk, and that could be used to draw a map, as well as marking these tunnels," she notes before swinging her weapon at the wall. A spark of steel striking stone, and then a chunk of wall falls off, hopefully leaving a noticable mark. "Unless someone has chalk, this will have to do. In fact, I would take the charcoal from a used torch at this point, too. Bah, I new I shouldn't have lent that chalk out to those children. Oh well."

Kujo brings up the rear in silence, greatsword in his hand, periodically checking the rear to make sure they are not being followed.

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Samara the Crimson Witch

"Personally, I would advise against us marking our trail, if those men do plan on following us, it would only help them track us faster." Taking a piece of chalk from the mounted Halfling, Samara gave him a smile, her eyes almost glowing like gold in the fire light. "Thank you my good sir, I'll put this to good use." Using the chalk, she began drawing a map of the catacombs on the back of one of her scrolls. "Speaking of them catching up to us, I think perhaps we should hurry on. But if we could, I'd like to map a few more exits to the surface along the way if it isn't too much trouble. You never know when information like that could come in handy."

"Bah, if'n they's has a competence in track'n they's be track'n us whether'n we hide'n our tracks or not." Sveyn says in very clipped common. Not being used to speaking in Common he has a hard time expressing what it is he is trying to say, but he thinks the point he is trying to make is made.

"I doubt they're any good at tracking. City guards never are." Leena says cheerfully, renewing the light spell on the lantern as needed.

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Samara the Crimson Witch

"Let us hope so..." Samara let the conversation drop at that and continued to map out the catacombs.

A few moments later she spoke up again. "So Leena, I see you've some spell casting talent. Would it be rude of me to ask where you learned it?"

"Wasn'n ther'n supposed ta be ah barri'a r sometin?" Sveyn asks the others...

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