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No! Bad Disney! Not Yours!

No! Bad Disney! Not Yours!

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There is a rumor that Disney is going to buy Hasbro.

I cannot cope with the idea of Disney owning Dungeons and Dragons.

Why? They can't unbalance it any more than they already did.

Also, I'd like to see what kind of stats the famous Disney characters have.

Oh sweet merciful Computer! All the crazy conspiracy theories were true! First they get the hearts of our children with cute cuddle characters. Then they get a vast stormtrooper army. Now they get wizards and giant robots! We're all doomed unless we are on the right side!

All hail our new mouse overlords!

... I'd actually like to see a D&D movie that's really good. I can't see myself going away from 3.5, so it's not like I'll really care what they do to the system. I support the idea.

Have you ever seen the Gamers movies? They aren't perfect, but pretty good.

Disney will own... My Little Pony.

I will have to witness the 5th seal being open as Rainbow Dash becomes a character in Kingdom Hearts.

Okay....... that would just be wrong....

This is...I can't...

This is what we can expect from this:

Have you ever seen the Gamers movies? They aren't perfect, but pretty good

This is because writer and director Matt Vancil is a lifelong hardcore gamer! The movie was made BY gamers FOR gamers, so all the focus was on making something we actually WANTED to see! God bless you, Matt Vancil!

As a side note to this, they're in the process of making The Gamers 3! A succesful kickstarter to garner funding to finish filming just recently ended. I can't wait!

As far as Disney buying hasbro, I've come to the conclusion that I will no longer be playing (outside of my current 3.5 game) any more D&D beyond second edition sothat doesn't really make any difference to me in the long run. I will still play Pathfinder, however. But that's another topic altogether. My main hope is that They find a way to keep the D&D franchise separate and autonomous to Disney's other capitolistic ventures....

Oh, and George Lucas, go F*** yourself...

They'll also own Magic the Gathering if they purchase hasbro.. If that happens, I'll be excited for the newest planeswalker:


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