The Deadliest Game: an urban adventure of deadly intrigue

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The Deadliest Game: an urban adventure of deadly intrigue

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Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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So I decided to start up an urban campaign in a capital city of 200,000 ish souls in my homebrew world of Akuroth. Read up on the setting info here. The threads are listed in order of importance (top down) but for the richest understanding of the world and how you can make a character that feels organic to that world necessitate at least skimming all of it.

Character apps go here, please. Character creation instructions can also be found there, but here's the short of it:

Level 6, any 3.0/3.5 sources *except* ToB, ToM, Incarnum, Psionics, or Eberron (even if it was included in a core book later). No exceptions. If you want campaign-specific stuff from other settings, run it by me and I'll see if it works. Also, no BoVD for PCs. Pretty much anything/everything else is on the table. Level includes any racial HD.

Races: I'd rather not have anything more than +2 LA. Also it has to be a race that wouldn't be completely out of place in the city of Ninuroth as described in the setting information. So probably no outsiders or funky monsters or animals.

I'd like to have a balanced party but in the end it will come down to who has the best writing and backstories. Also just because this is an urban campaign doesn't mean I need or want only sneaky/guileful characters. Yes, rogues, bards, beguilers etc. fit well but I'd rather not have every application be for one of those types. I draw HEAVILY from Cityscape (obviously) so anything in there is fine/encouraged.

In your backgrounds at the end make sure you specify how and/or why you are in the city now (if you haven't been in the city forever anyway). Also if you end up having any strange/powerful/out-there magical items it'd be nice but not necessarily required to know how you acquired them, as regular people in Ninuroth can't just go out and throw down a pile of gold to buy a +2 vampiric greatsword of smiting, or whatever.

Game Description:

Soaring towers, gleaming palaces, grand banquets, shining armor, gold flowing like water; dirty shacks, grimy canals, moldy bread, cold nights in dirty rags. Only in Ninuroth, capital city of the nation of Halvar in the world of Akuroth, can such things coexist normally. A city of both luxurious excess and crippling poverty, of haves and have-nots, Ninuroth is the oldest and largest continually inhabited city in the world -- it's also one of the most quietly conflicted.

Perched at the seaside mouth of the great river Ninur, the city is home to an aging and decrepit king and his young trophy wife, who become less concerned with the fate of the people day by day -- and who have no heir. The distant and exotic land of Teth has its own problems, and is trying to weasel its way into Halvar's good graces to share in its wealth. The Great Houses squabble and scheme amongst themselves for power in the shadow of the king's impending death. Rumors of rebellion are stirring from a loosely-governed barony in the North. Accusations of corruption and treason are shot between many. The neglected and downtrodden struggle to make their voices heard. The city's various factions jostle and deal with each other and outside powers to solidify their footing among the people, the poor of whom continue to starve and despair, forgotten and unmourned by their supposedly benevolent rulers.

It's all business as usual in the First City of Man. That is, until someone comes along to change it. Could it be you?

Originally Posted by KillerK View Post
tbonejc, that sounds interesting but I don't personally think the words "drunken" and monk belong together...they are so lawful and disciplined to make their bodies perfect, I can't see a monk being a drunkard and still being a monk. Interesting idea though.
hmmm...A requirement for drunken master (CW pg 27-28) is flurry of blows. Can anyone but monks have this?

Also one would need to "survive a night of revelry among them without being incarcerated, poisoned, or extraordinarily embarrassed." I was hoping to role play the last part. Thought it would be fun.

Hmmm, multiple functional concepts now. Dang. Scar Enforcer, now that I think on it is likely a problem for the ranger- one of the pre-reqs isn't viable with ranger and while I don't mind the CC skill cost it boosts the level of entry so high it would never see play. Plus I'm not sure the ranger would be as angry as the "Scar Enforcer" would demand/suggest. Now, the spellthief on the other hand, I could see being pissed off at life, the world, and everything. . . . ~wheels turning~

Hmmm - a Neutral-Good Half Elven Ranger, on the cusp of middle age either in debt to or the service of The Knights of the Steel Rose, a once nobel warrior whose tracking skills make him now more thana glorified debt collector or a True Neutral
Breakpoint is I think Sepllthief 5, amking him a Scar Enforcer 1
Spellthief/Scar Enforcer, a punk of a punk playing the Web and the Snakes against each other (or trying to) so as to try and carve out some breathing room for the Scars without the Knights or the Kedis getting dropped on their heads by the powers that be.

Sounds very cool! No Changelings makes me sad, though - they would fit right in here! And of course I cry the obligatory Incarnum-blue tears of sadness at the lack of the awesome alternative "systems" (), but hey.

Originally Posted by tbonejc View Post
hmmm...A requirement for drunken master (CW pg 27-28) is flurry of blows. Can anyone but monks have this?
Shou Disciple, arguably, though it's FR.

Well, I lean more toward fluff than mechanics, and I think the people who wrote the drunken master PrC weren't really taking the published fluff of the monk into account but rather were just thinking of what monks "do." I might allow the drunken monk thing, but the vow of poverty thing rubs me wrong. I think I'm putting my foot down on the vow of poverty's one of the most exalted, sacred things a goodest of a good person can do and I think it needs to be a totally sober and righteous decision...

It's not that I hate Incarnum etc. it's just that I think it's all way too much if included with normal magic. If I were to use Incarnum, then I would ban Wizards/Sorcerers/ "normal" magic...just too much to think about.

I follow on the vow of poverty thing. I just never used it before and trying to find a fun way to spice it up. Still might do the drunken master thing though.

Yeah, in retrospect I'll allow drunken master...but VoP is a whole big monster of its own and I reallllly don't want people to take it lightly. And I REALLY enforce the poverty rules as they are given.

Also I forgot to mention, yes combat and the possibility of combat are present in this game but more emphasis is placed on RP/intrigue etc. I award equal XP (sometimes MORE XP) if people can overcome challenges in unique ways. So for example pacifist characters are viable, non-combat-oriented characters are viable, as are your usual suspects as there are still plenty of unruly heads that might need a good smashing or somesuch. Vast character possibilities.

Well if combat may be a secondary thing compared to social roleplay or even sneaky roleplay

How do you feel about the Urban druid from dragon compendium

I'm not familiar with it but if you can send me a summary of the changes I'll look at it. I mean, combat WILL be involved just not to the extent it usually is. Like, not every XP-awarding encounter/event will involve combat, but some will. And there still may be random encounters. Being mugged by thugs traveling through the slums, finding gross creatures living in the sewers, etc. It's just not the driving force.


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