Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

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Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

High School Girls RPG - Forum
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Well, this is a high school girls RPG campaign with the Magical Girls option. Fight against demons, protect your town, go to school, find a boyfriend (or girlfriend), miss a date because you were fighting demons, miss class because you overslept (hey, fighting demons during the night is tiring), explain why you get bruises, cuts, and scars so often... Well, that's about it. Anyone up for it?

Game Description:

Hello! Is anyone interested in a game of High School Girls RPG (a French amateur tabletop game where you play as high school girls)?

You are just an ordinary American high school girl. You know the drill. Going to class. Finding a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). Stuff like that.

Well, I lied. You are heiresses of a legendary demon hunting warrior clan. You must fight back against demonic schemes. You aren't as ordinary as you first thought, and your power is awakening. But surely spending the night fighting demons is no excuse for dozing off in class, or for turning in a project two days late...

So, are you ready to defend the part of the world under your responsibility?

The system is pretty simple. It uses only a 10 sided die compared to a skill.

Also, I would like between 3 and 5 players. That's all.

Man, if I knew where to get the rules for this/had access to the ruleset I'd totally be down for it.

Yes, this does sound interesting. Is the ruleset free/easily accessible?

I would certainly play this.

Here's the site I found for the game. But it's in FRENCH, and none of the website translators I've tried work.


Well I can't read French, but if you can teach me how to play then I would like to.


The system is pretty easy, so I can translate it for you. I just need to translate the attributes, talents and traits, explain the general rules, and we're all set. I took part in a translation attempt I never finished, but I've got enough down to play it.

So, I'll start explaining how to create characters.

First, imagine what your girl is like. Is she a tomboy always doing sports? A quiet nerd? A party girl?

Then, let's do the attributes. You have 35 points to put in 6 attributes (minimum 1, max 10).


An emotion score between 5 and 8 is recommended. Also, magical girls powers draw their strength from emotions.

So, who's still here for now?

Edit: Nice to see another Fire Emblem fan...

Yeah I'm still here.

I'll post all the traits here, so that those whom want to get in the campaign can read them.

Then, you have to choose traits, to describe your character, for a good character, you have to choose 2-4 positive traits, for a neutral one, 0-4 (from this list: Polite, Loyal, Hard worker, Good ambitions (your character is ambitious, but won't use bad means to succeed), Heart of gold, Well educated, helpful, vigilante (the kind whom intimidates bullies and things like that)).

Then, you can choose between 0 and 2 negative traits (0-4 for a neutral character). These are from the following list: Slanderous, quarrelsome, insensitive, cheeky, cheapskate, kleptomaniac, jealous, nasty, rude, bad ambitions, xenophobic, whipping boy (keeping tormenting one, not being one), mysandry, hatred for animals, opportunist, cheater.

Then you can take between 0 and 4 advantageous neutral profiles, and as many disadvantageous.

Advantageous: Courageous (bonus to emotions check to resist fear), perseverance, eloquent, elegant, lucky (allow a few rerolls per forum week), good mood, meticulous, Zen (allow one emotion check reroll per in game day).

Disadvantageous: Fearless (to the point of lacking self preservation), bulimic, ninny, anorexic, paranoid, reserved, tomboy, naive, mythomaniac, phobic, pride, alcoholic, drug addict, absent minded, Love at first sight (falls easily in love, a bit too easily in fact...), depressive, suicidal tendencies (avoid falling to 0 mood. It won't be an instant death, but it will be a sure trip to the hospital after a failed attempt.), daydreamer, lazy, hang ups, hurtful humor.

Then, you start with a reputation, going from unknown to talk of the school, and what you have a reputation (whether well or ill deserved) for. Examples: Bimbo, teacher's pet, hard worker, genius, Daddy's/Mommy's girl...

Note about mood: Your character starts with a neutral mood (5 out of 10), unless she has the good mood or depressive profile. Going to parties, to dates, succeeding on a class test, and so on will raise your character's mood, while lack of sleep, being scolded by her parents, and other such incidents will damage your character's mood. A bad mood will damage your character's ability to do just about everything, while a good mood will make her generally more effective. The good mood trait makes a character mood easier to raise and harder to lower, and the depressive trait does just the opposite.

Next, I'll talk about skills. It would be a good idea to think about how old is your high school girl...

If anyone has any questions, just ask.


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