Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

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Feeling like going back to high school and fighting demons?

High School Girls RPG - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5


Well, this is a high school girls RPG campaign with the Magical Girls option. Fight against demons, protect your town, go to school, find a boyfriend (or girlfriend), miss a date because you were fighting demons, miss class because you overslept (hey, fighting demons during the night is tiring), explain why you get bruises, cuts, and scars so often... Well, that's about it. Anyone up for it?

Game Description:

Hello! Is anyone interested in a game of High School Girls RPG (a French amateur tabletop game where you play as high school girls)?

You are just an ordinary American high school girl. You know the drill. Going to class. Finding a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). Stuff like that.

Well, I lied. You are heiresses of a legendary demon hunting warrior clan. You must fight back against demonic schemes. You aren't as ordinary as you first thought, and your power is awakening. But surely spending the night fighting demons is no excuse for dozing off in class, or for turning in a project two days late...

So, are you ready to defend the part of the world under your responsibility?

The system is pretty simple. It uses only a 10 sided die compared to a skill.

Also, I would like between 3 and 5 players. That's all.

I think the sheet is finished, but please feel free to ask anything you need/want to. If I missed anything, did something wrong, or we need to adjust anything, just let me know.

All right, Reemos didn't logged in for quite a few days now. So I'll wait until Wednesday, and if Reemos doesn't log in at that point, we'll start without her and she'll catch up, okay? The game is still accepting two players btw, since most of the first posters disappeared from the advertising.

Celtic Guardian 7, are you interested? You can join up if you want to...

The game is a French amateur Tabletop RPG (It was called Lyceenne JDR, roughly "High School Girls RPG". So unless you read French and spend time on French tabletop roleplaying websites, you couldn't have heard of it. Someone posted the official website on the first page, and I posted the rules translation, with a pseudo BBCode [Homebrew][/Homebrew] for any time I deviated from the official rules, or added some of my own, so if you have any question, feel free to ask.

Sorry everyone, due to the chaotic nature of work and having to have to help people move, and some how finding myself on vacation in the Canada for a few days, I wasn't able to post for a while. But I am back, so I'll be jumping around the next few days trying to catch everything I'm doing back up!

I am still very much interested in this game.

So Celtic Guardian 7, do you have any idea what kind of magical girl warrior you want to play? I'll do the invites right now, and post the introduction later today (I am still at the university right now, so I don't have much time right now.).


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