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Your favorite "Clever" moments in media.

Originally Posted by Dirty Kobold View Post
Jayne was always good for a quick laugh.
Amongst other "quickies."

All of Firefly was good for a quick laugh.

Zoe: Jayne. This is something the captain has to do for himself.
Mal: No. No, it's not!
Zoe: Oh!


And in that same line (I don't remember all the words, so bear with me), this is one of my favorite scenes from Firefly.

Episode: Trash
Mal gets hijacked by Saffron after they successfully get the Lassiter away from Durran Haymer. After she leaves him in the desert naked, she flies to the dumpster and searches for the raygun.
Unfortunately for her, Inara, who had apparently stormed off in a huff at the beginning of the caper, had actually been a safeguard, watching for Saffron's inevitable betrayal. She had already grabbed the Lassiter, and locked Saffron in the dumpster.
The Serenity crew fly off, Mal still cheerfully naked.

"Oh my god. What could it be? We are all doomed! Who's flying this thing!! Oh right, it's me. back to work."

First episode. Walk into a hostage situation. Shoots the hostage talker and basically says quit screwing around and lets go.

Joss Whedon's first big show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, had a ton of these, but my favorite is the season 2 episode, Innocence. There is a villain called The Judge, a demon who was ripped apart in the 14th century though not killed because "no weapon forged" could kill him; the pieces of his body were scattered, then reassembled to destroy Buffy and her friends. When she's finally had enough and is ready to confront him, he reminds her that no weapons can destroy him, and then Buffy pulls out her new toy...

It turns out the "no weapon forged" bit made sense in the 1400's, but weapons have come a long way since that.

Well the term "Forged" refers to heating metal and beating it into shape.

I don't think missiles and rockets are considered "forged" either way.

Because missiles and rockets totally have no metal in them? It's not like she stabbed him with a wooden stick or anything.

Regardless, you asked for clever. I really like the idea of a prophecy everyone considered to be true proving false simply because it didn't account for weapons becoming a whole lot better in six centuries.

Just because it has metal does not mean that metal is forged.

Metal in missiles is likely melted and cast in a mold rather then just heated and hammered into shape. No localized compressive force, no forging.

And yeah, it is a clever loop-hole.


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