Under the stars

Under the stars

New OOC thread for chapter two. Welcome.

You guys better start thinking of the name of your new country and it's first city, I'll use the names for the threadgroups where all their information will be stored.

Fort Skapti.


Orriana would probably want to name the first city Fresh Start, something like that. I'll have to put some thought into it.

Holy crap that'll be a lot to read. Can the PCs take multiple roles for now? Orianna would work as the counsler, a position that is bound to be ignored by certain individuals, and High Priest as she spreads the word of following the Green Faith as laid out in the Inner Sea World Guide.

I put Orianna as the Councilor because, frankly, she's the only one who could realistically give advice to Mags or Skapti and not be roundly ignored. Plus, there was a priest back at Oleg's whose name escapes me, but Mags will draft him to be the High Priest.

On Rulership- Skapti makes the most sense from a Public Relations standpoint, and I envision Mags are more of a "running the kingdom from behind the throne" sort of guy. People like following beer-drinking, whoring, jousting, fighting, more drinking, warriors. It's better than beer-drinking, whoring, more drinking, magicking, wizards. Nobody wants to live under a Wizard King. Everybody wants to live under a Warrior King. However, no one wants the Warrior King to make the rules, they just want him to be like a warrior. They expect his advisors to run things. That's what I'm envisioning this realm having. Skapti sits on the throne and makes random edicts and proclamations, while HSM translates Skapti into Common and everyone goes home happy.

Why is Part One closed already?

Oh yes, I'm to make a following to the 'opening' post, but haven't found the information I need to put in there, specifically what BP you have to start building and pending rewards and such, also I think I need to put up more 'reading' material

I also need to find a way to visually represent the Kingdom, I need to edit and upload all the building pics.


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