Under the stars

Soothscale has his own little reign, you'll need to go to him directly and ask for a recruit, unlikely that he'll do the job himself.

Haven't found if it's one or three


IGBO or Goblyn- ideas for Marshal or shall I turn our Vice-General into a Marshal?

Found it, each PC must spend at least a full week in administrative duties each month, else the spot is considered vacant for the Kingdom turn.

So one week of leadership
One week of Fangberries
One week of drunken idiocy

What shall we do with our last week?

Yup. They either need to join the Kingdom of Kingdom (which means sending their most competent person to do some menial task for Mag...Skapti) or ... let's stick with saying they need to join.

RL has been really busy of late and it is hard to keep up with all the changes. Best idea I can come up with revenue is to repair the bridge and if we can get a safe road running through our kingdom there should be some sort of toll we can charge. We also have a gold mine that needs to be worked sooner or later. Would be better to find some dwarves for that rather than kobolds but we'll deal with what we can find.

Orianna will take the counsler position since we'll find a cleric of some sort sooner or later. Let's just try to avoid one devoted to any of the evil gods...

Each income phase you roll Economy vs ControlDC, if you succeed you divide the roll result by 5, that's how much BP you generate.

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