Under the stars

How many BP do Joe's hoes generate?

by itself? none , it adds to the economy checks and makes the populace a more loyal also causes a one time increase in unrest of 1, I guess it's due to all the angry house wives.

Need more ways to modify rolls for the better early on...

A brothel's unrest should be a net 0. Wives are more unhappy, but husbands are exactly the opposite.

Men's happiness is reflected on the loyalty bump, happy men fooling around will never curve the angry house wives unrest, that's a fact

Hmph. Probably won't get IC post done til tomorrowish, btw.

Okay, our adventure this month is to go find a Wizar... Scientist.

Bokken is dragging down our Economy, being a dumbass basically. What sort of Alchemist has a negative Int modifier?!? Anyway, we need to turn Bokken's -1 into a +2. That's a 3 point shift in Economy and a 15% increase in success rate.

Also, is Jet lowering our Unrest? Or do we need to replace him? Why do I think of Jet as a masculine thing?

Third... we need to replace Golum. He applies a -2 penalty somewhere, but without him the penalty is -4. Not sure where he's applying the penalty.

For Leadership values:
Shouldn't Loyalty be +4 or +2 (not +1)? (Akiros +3 and Oriana +1, with a possible Golum -2)

I have Stability at +12 or +10 (so I'm assuming that Golum is actually affecting Stability, which makes sense since he's off stealing horses and goats for mounts).

Economy I have at +6, so we're good there.

Originally Posted by itsgottabeodin View Post
They've got the new Mythic Adventures playtest out... what about trying that instead of Gestalt? Here or in AMUA?
Any chance you could email the playtest document so I can read it today at work?

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