Under the stars

Call it "Kingdom."

And yes, that means Skapti will be the King of Kingdom.

Our city is very square. Jet must be our Urban Planner.

Ok, so the Kingdom of Kingdom's first city will be Capital city, now, you need know that this game - in game time, is dated for months and years of development, each 'Kingdom' turn is a month of game time in length. It's recommended by the author but not necessary, that PCs spend around a year of game time (not necessarily real time) developing the country. Of course you being you and not someone else, can choose to ignore this and go kill things without building anything, but that goes on your necks.

So question is do you want to invest time developing your Kingdom or go kill things?

I believe the best way to ensure that we have a year to build things is to begin with an Inn, a Brothel, and a Distillery. I have no idea if those are allowed or not, but we'll make things up from there.

I should mention, while I might be vaguely tempted to game any numbers based system for maximum benefit, I probably won't and will rule with the exact amount of wisdom you'd expect from a guy with a 6 wis.

There is the option of ignoring all the Kingdom building aspects of the adventure and it certainly is valid, though I regret not asking first before putting up the info

In such an event, all the kingdom building fades to the background and progresses automatically.


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