Under the stars

So, to ignore? or not to ignore?, that is the question.

Oh, no, I'm going to build things. I'm just going to do it in character. Working on a post now, matter of fact.

We'll do a test run for one or two Kingdom turns in which you will start building, this takes 2 months game time.

Last day of the month.

And never believe anything I say. I'm a King! Except Skapti is, I'm just the power behind the throne.

You realize, right, we'll save tons of money with Skapti as king. We only have to buy a throne half the size.

Huh, I just realized that I should probably actually read the rules. I'm kinda sad now. I was planning on skimming and making it up as I go. Kinda of like the same way I ended up assigning jobs.

No worries, plan to do RP a la par with the mechanics, a month ill spent is unlikely to drive the realm into the ground
Still need to fill up more info though

I'm working on it now.

My notes under Magnolia look right to ya?

Do we start with any BP? I mean, we're not going to start by clearing the land around Fort Skapti, as why would we destroy a perfectly good Fort (yet).

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