Attention Guardsmen

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Attention Guardsmen

Only War - Forum
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Ad Closes: Nov 23 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

I would like to start an Only War game. While I have the Beta rules, I was hoping that we could get a game started that can be an ongoing saga of your regiment. Combined creation of your regiment and custom making of your character as well as choosing a guardsmen specialty or not. I will start this game using the Eleventh Hour Module released as a introductory supplement to Only War Beta. Looking for interest first, then fleshing out a minor background that will give motivations, personalities of character and a custom character sheet that will contain characteristics, skills, talents and traits. Weapons, armor and gear will also be on your character sheet. If interested in playing this game, please post intent to play. New players or Veteran's alike, I welcome you to this game. I have this game mostly fleshed out in my mind for encounters and possible places to explore. There will be use of an in game mechanic called the Clock is Ticking. This will represent an element of your regiment faced against time and the consequences after completion or non-completion of running against the clock.

Game Description:

It has been several weeks since your company landed on Aeyras as part of Operation Hammerstrike. Members of the 612 Recon, you have been at the forefront of the fighting for all that time, pushing deeper and deeper into Ork held territory. After several hard battles supporting the forces of the 17th, your company has finally reached the Teeming, a vast jungle crater where the Orks have made their primary strong point. After a particularly bloody night, your squad has become separated from the rest of your company. You are now holed up in the ruins of an Ork fort, with only your platoon sergeant Dryak and a handful of wounded men. The task of re-joining your platoon greets you with the dawn.

During last nights fire-fight, your platoon of ten strong infiltrated a group of Gretchin Orks that used guerrilla warfare tactics to systematically cut down your regiment numbers to a few comrades and the few of you. The nights on Aeyras is a nightmare compared to the nights where the 612 Recon Regiment was formed. Your commander was phlegmatic. Quiet and reserved, Commander Davvy Carter leads your regiment with a panache of leadership by example. Trusting him has given some victories upon other War Zones and will rendezvous with you back at the LZ.

Some of you are customizing weaponry, fitting stock to barrel and adjusting your scopes. Refitting your standard issue gear, others seem bandaged and entrenched within the terrain. A few of the regiment look out into the breaking dawn and observe any enemy movement. your regiment is lightly entrenched among thick forestry such as trees and bushes. The Scrap Fort is made up of any material that the Orks could find. You have in your possession an operational Sentinel which is used for taking out heavy pockets of resistance and scouting the terrain ahead.

Suddenly the vox comes to life in a babble of voices and panicked commanders. After a few moments of listening, you piece together what must have happened while you were cut off in the fort. It seems a massive Ork counter-attack has been launched against the Imperial advance and is threatening to encircle everyone between the Teeming and the Fallow River. To prevent the advance elements of the 233rd and bulk of the 14th from being cut off, a general retreat has been ordered and all units beyond the Fallow are to fall back. To prevent a break through to the landing zones, the Imperial Navy will “glass” the entire region around the Teeming, bombarding it from orbit in an effort to blunt the Ork attack. The bombardment will begin in 11 hours…

This is Warhammer 40k Right? Not Fantasy?

Right....40k not fantasy. I'm hoping that the Admins will make an exclusive Only War Game Setting along with the other 40k genres.

I don't know anything about this nor how I would play in it. I have a couple 40k pdfs though. Would you help and hold my hand Drama? If so I can think about playing.

I just checked. I don't have any 40K books.

Am I still eligible for entrance even though I was part of a campaign you scrapped?

Yeah man it wasn't anything you did. It was my fault that I couldn't follow through. This time I'm giving myself a little patience with games and I will not try and get frustrated even though things are not working out with the game and my lack of setting a right course of action. I'd say that some of the games you were in I was totally shooting from the hip and I do that just this games has a lot more direction and fleshed out. So yes please join.

Hey I think I misread. I just spent the last 3 hours working on A Regiment. Are we all creating Regiments for each character or are we all under the same Regiment Drama?

AA: I know drama personally and trust me make any thread you want. He wont care if you make a thread. Check out my thread if you want. I am working on the Sergeant for it.

My background is short Drama. I may or may not add to it once I see what we have to work with. If people like my Regiment idea let me know please. I thought each of us are doing our own regiment.


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