The Sunless Citadel, Adventures with a crazy DM (Part 1)

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The Sunless Citadel, Adventures with a crazy DM (Part 1)

Adventures With a Crazy DM - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Welcome to my thread full of idiocery and me trying to convince you guys to play in my game.


Adventures with a Crazy DM will be a series going through modules or more openworlded parts. I hope to have a few people stay with me from start to finish, but that will probably not be the case.

The module we will start with is the Sunless Citadel, which, to paraphrase the book, is "An adventure for 4 1st level players. Characters that survive will end at second, or even third level." It is originally 3.0, but it is fairly easily modified for 3.5, or so I've read.

I am looking for 4 dedicated players (And perhaps an additional bard ) who will accompany me through the game. Character creation rules are here, and for the rest of the threads you can go to the forum.

Game Description:

"All things roll here: horrors of midnights,
Campaigns of a lost year,
Dungeons disturbed, and groves of lights;
Echoing on these shores, still clear,
Dead ecstasies of questing knights—
Yet how the wind revives us here!"
—Arthur Rimbaud

For some reason, either because you wish to make a name for yourself, or because you heard the legend of the Sunless Citadel, you've decided to come here, to Oakhurst, close to a site which is now named the Sunless Citadel. Once there, you will perhaps go through one of the most dangerous places the people in town have ever known, and be widely known in a radius of a whole 5 miles or less.

Returned after a long time away. Somewhat rusty; Can still kick ass.

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Can we also have a point buy option for attributes please? Also more than happy to play the Bard


There is a point buy option.

You might need me Kerim to have your back so we don't revolt and kill you. Can you give me a list of 8-12 common known creatures in the area? I am debating on using a Ranger. But don't want to waste favored Enemy on Giants for examply if none are in the area.

Well, the adventure says mainly kobolds and goblins, but you can take any, and I'll try to add in something to make your Favoured Enemy not go to waste. (No, if you choose Favoured Enemy: Muffins, I won't make a muffin man.)

Okay then. I might have to make a two weapon fighting Elven Ranger with hatred for Goblins. He will be Igor The Goblin Slayer of Goblins.

Can I have a green skullcap made out of a goblin skin? Or Leather armor that is green made out of goblins? Wield bone weapons made from Goblin spines.

Not at the start of the game, though if you take the proper crafting skills, I could allow you to make it yourself. With, of course, +x to intimidate, and -X to Diplomacy to them.

I have the desire to play a young kid. What do you feel about 15 year old human Squire?

Fighter class until I am Knighted IN game then take KNight class. How would you feel about that Kerim?

15 might be a bit young. But just start an application, and I'll see how well your background holds together.

Ahh yes right'O! Well minimum age for a human is 16 I was hoping I could go one below.


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