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Moar Pokemon plz.

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Moar Pokemon plz.

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Long story short: Started a Pokemon game, ran exceptionally well for just over a month and then the players disappeared into thin air without warning.

Short Story Long: I'm looking to try again, but I want to gauge interest first. The game is intended to play out similarly to the way the game work. 2 to 3 players tops and none of them tied to one another, though they are free to travel together when they want to. Players would be youths who grew up in a small village (you know the one) and are given their first pokemon by a professor (you know the one) so that they can attempt to enter an international tournament set to happen in a year's time. Playstyle is sandbox, though that won't stop international criminal organizations (you know the ones) from getting involved at some point in the story.

The Application process is fairly simple. We don't need any characters built yet (they will be at effective level 0 and become level 1 receiving their first pokemon, getting to at least level 6 is intended to happen fairly fast). That said, only the Ace Trainer, Breeder, Capture Specialist, and Researcher classes will be available to start. (Coordinator, Martial Artist, Mystic, Psychic and Ranger classes will be converted slightly and will be unlockable through roleplay as additional advanced classes, as will all other advanced classes.)

What we do need to know are:

1) Are you a boy or girl? How old are you (10 to 18 please)? What do you look like? What kind of personality do you have? What has your life been like growing up in a small village with roughly one hundred families where everybody knows each other. Why do you want to become a pokemon trainer? What are you good at? What are you bad at? What have you done in life?

2) What kind of player are you? What is your post rate? How experienced are you with the PTA system? Are you open to learning the system?

Applications in their own threads here please:
Houserules here:
Rulebooks here:

If you applied for the previous attempt at the game and want to apply with the same character just PM me.

Game Description:

"For years the regions of the world have had their pokemon leagues. Most of them autonomous from one another. Next year Omega corporation is ready to present the first Inter-regional Championships. In exactly one year from today a tournament will be held at our new stadium in the Sevii Islands. Each tier of our league can be qualified for by winning a certain number of badges from any combination of pokemon gyms around the world.

Registrations begin eleven months from now in December."

It's just past midnight and a new year has begun with this unprecedented announcement from Omega corporation. If only you had your own Pokemon you just know you could make it to the tournament. Somehow you know inside that you're different from other kids. All you need is your first pokemon... and that old Professor down the street has a reputation for being generous. You know exactly where you're going first thing tomorrow.

(Players should be able and willing to use Google Docs. This is non-negotiable as it is the main tool used for battling.)
(While not mandatory, players willing to connect with the GMs via IM are preferred.)

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Ooh, I have an idea for this: Arte Evergreen, would-be Researcher and eventually Pokemon Professor himself! Starting pokemon, hopefully Nidoran (m).

Wow... just wow.

Ive had the same idea of playing a capture specialist turned pokeball designer for a while but never get into the games. Hope it works this time. By the way stupid question but do we get to pick which region we start in?

The selected players will vote on the starting region I believe. It doesn't matter all that much to me which tiny village and professor these youths are dealing with.

Hmmm... which zone, and by extent which town we start in, will determine a lot how I type my background. Of course, I could always do the generic 'She was born in The Villiage and got along well with The Professor' thing and change it around if I get picked...

I more want an idea of the character and their personality etc, than I do a full history. Once players are selected we will be doing a collaborative background.

I'm not interested in seeing completed characters at the moment, nor planned progression summaries as I prefer things to evolve organically.

Can i just be brock and call it a day? Just provide me with some woman to hit on and be rejected by and I can roleplay real life for you.


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