Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

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Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

Playtesters Sought for Fantasy Setting - Forum
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You have been summoned by Lord Milton while enjoying yourself at Lord's Arena. A complex that features gladiator fights, gambling, booze and brothels. It even segregates by class.

Lord Milton has a proposition for you and a few others. You are playing level 6 characters.

As this is a play test, I am keeping the setting light. Play testers will get first access to the full campaign when it starts.

Hello everyone. I kid you not, you do not have to read the rules to play. It is a freeform game and far more about the story than it is about the crunch.

If you don't want to read the rules, just tell me a simple character concept and I can assign a class and stat that fits the character.



Detailed concept Information: What does your character do, how do they fight, how do they interact with the world in non-combat ways.

Detailed History and Background: Who is your character and what have they done.

As this is a play test I am only looking for about a paragraph in Concept and History/background.

Game Description:

I am looking for playtesters for a freeform fantasy system. It is designed to give a slight rule base to a freeform game.

The system is so simple, that you do not even have to read the rules. Just tell me what you want to play and the character is created.

This test game will involve a group of characters who are called before a powerful lord in a large city and tasked with a mission to enter a crypt.

For those who are curious how it works:

Players pick two words to describe their character. These two words tell us everything (crunchwise) that we need to know. The rest is up to you and the story you want to tell.

The first word is the characters class. Rogue, warrior, cleric, etc. The second word is a stat that shows unusual training/capabilities. Intelligence, Strength, Charisma.

All wizards are intelligent, but some are charismatic, some are strong, some are dexterous and some are even more intelligent than their peers.

For a Full break down on classes, stats and how they effect each other:

Charismatic Faithful

Name: The Lady

Race: Unknown (looks human-ish, green eyes)

Concept: The Lady affects chances, large and small. She never comes when called, but is often around when least expected. Oh, and the does not play favorites.

Class: Faithful

Stat: Charisma

The Lady has been around for a long time. She's seen, and affected, it all, often in the smallest ways. She makes butterflies flapping their wings look linear and deterministic. Everyone knows her, and everyone courts her. What everyone doesn't know is that she takes a direct interest when it takes her fancy. And so she now travels among the people, enjoying the life as it is lived among the mortal plane. She likes good food, and good entertainment, even if she has to provide it herself.

EDIT: In a fight, she will do her best to make unhappy things happen to her opponents. Preferably from a safe vantage point.

Name: Morris Simeric.
Race: Half-elf
Concept: Self-acclaimded gentleman thief and cat burglar, who gets by challenges through a mixture of luck and skills.
Class: Rogue
Stat: Charisma

Morris has been a thief for only a short time, but has already gathered a surprising amount of fame. He prides himself in his skills, and only seldomly talks about the days when he was just a small street urchin. Born into a poor family, he now has enough gold to a live of luxury, always on the run from the guard. He can use his natural talent for lying to great effect, and knows his way around town like few others. Should he ever have to fight, he will only wound as many people as he has to open up a way through his assailants and then run away.

Name: Irio C'ruth-Y'uteriy-V'rusir-M'olahak
Race: Human
Concept: A silent assassin monk
Class: Monk
Stat: Constitution

He hardly ever talks to people if it is not neccessary to his mission or completion of his goals. He has trained in the arts of several martial arts, allowing him to attack with his body and his prefered weapons (arm blades) in a blinding fury. He prefers to approach his targets silently and kill them before anyone notices. Irio isn't his real first name, no one knows his first name. And his Second names are the titles he got from his monastery from completing various challenges and missions in a certain way. He tells no one about his past, prefering to forget it ever existed.
He was sold to a monastery and during his time there they trained him but an evil wizard also experimented on him, carving glyphs into his back. He doesn't know what they do but they probably relate to his ability to absorb some of the damage that people do to him, though there might be more effects he hasn't discovered yet.
Now he wanders from place to place, serving who ever owns him faithfully.

As a note this group will be working together. So make sure your characters are willing and able to work as a team.

Andural - looks good. Keep in mind that the power level is going to be around level 6. So your ?god? may be weak while in mortal form or while on this plane.

Theo - Looks good, for the purposes of this your basically going to end up in a short dungeon crawl with other people. It probably will not go well if your group is jumped by monsters and Morris runs off as soon as he can Perhaps he is willing to fight for the right reasons?

Dancing - Looks great. A monk is dexy and a stealth concept is fine. I'd like to hear more about the arm blades as I can't picture them While Irio isn't a big talker, I do hope he will be somewhat willing to speak with team mates while on this mission (even if its only about the work at hand).

I guess Morris would have less qualms with killing when it's just monsters and as long as he has some party members backing him up. He'll only run off after the crawl when he has stolen all the loot.

Originally Posted by djdemiko View Post
Andural - looks good. Keep in mind that the power level is going to be around level 6. So your ?god? may be weak while in mortal form or while on this plane.
Yep. That's perfectly fine.

Name: Dalorean, the Magnanimous
Race: Human
Concept: An arrogant but skilled prize fighter/champion with a few tricks up his sleeve
Class: Warmage
Stat: Strength

Detailed concept Information: Dalorean is an extremely skilled fighter that frequently enters into fighting tournaments and arenas to claim fame and gold. Most of his magical use is before battle to increase his strength or enchant his blade. He is also extremely confident in himself and will often show off during battle especially when his opponent is easy prey. Outside of combat he frequents inns/taverns as a place to further increase his fame through regaling his tales and this also allows him to fulfill his great loves of women and alcohol.

Detailed History and Background: Dalorean has travelled for years making a name for himself, having been raised by mercenaries he was taught to fight and to kill but he was not free and was forced to murder innocent people during assignments. Eventually he decided to break off on his own so he could always choose his opponent. He mostly sustains himself off of tournament winnings but he spends money as quickly as he earns it so the occassional adventure is a necessary source of funds between tournaments. He is also accompanied by a young boy, about 14 who he rescued once and has become Dalorean's personal bard, his name is Neeb.

Originally Posted by djdemiko View Post
Dancing - Looks great. A monk is dexy and a stealth concept is fine. I'd like to hear more about the arm blades as I can't picture them While Irio isn't a big talker, I do hope he will be somewhat willing to speak with team mates while on this mission (even if its only about the work at hand).
An arm blade, how i see it, is a long curved balde with two short handles, with straps attached to them, coming off it somewhat in the middle. The straps are strapped to the forearm. the blade is longer than the fore arm so it goes both past the hand and behind the elbow. they are used in pairs. If i haven't descirbed it that well i could probably find a picture that is somewhat like what i am thinking off if you need it.

And yes, Irio wouldn't let his distaste of communication get in the way of the mission.


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