Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

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Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

Playtesters Sought for Fantasy Setting - Forum
Ad Closes: Nov 16 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

You have been summoned by Lord Milton while enjoying yourself at Lord's Arena. A complex that features gladiator fights, gambling, booze and brothels. It even segregates by class.

Lord Milton has a proposition for you and a few others. You are playing level 6 characters.

As this is a play test, I am keeping the setting light. Play testers will get first access to the full campaign when it starts.

Hello everyone. I kid you not, you do not have to read the rules to play. It is a freeform game and far more about the story than it is about the crunch.

If you don't want to read the rules, just tell me a simple character concept and I can assign a class and stat that fits the character.



Detailed concept Information: What does your character do, how do they fight, how do they interact with the world in non-combat ways.

Detailed History and Background: Who is your character and what have they done.

As this is a play test I am only looking for about a paragraph in Concept and History/background.

Game Description:

I am looking for playtesters for a freeform fantasy system. It is designed to give a slight rule base to a freeform game.

The system is so simple, that you do not even have to read the rules. Just tell me what you want to play and the character is created.

This test game will involve a group of characters who are called before a powerful lord in a large city and tasked with a mission to enter a crypt.

For those who are curious how it works:

Players pick two words to describe their character. These two words tell us everything (crunchwise) that we need to know. The rest is up to you and the story you want to tell.

The first word is the characters class. Rogue, warrior, cleric, etc. The second word is a stat that shows unusual training/capabilities. Intelligence, Strength, Charisma.

All wizards are intelligent, but some are charismatic, some are strong, some are dexterous and some are even more intelligent than their peers.

For a Full break down on classes, stats and how they effect each other:

Name: Matthew Goric
Race: Half-Elf
Concept: A 'anime' style fighter, using magic and weapons in tandem, but with a focus on powerful spell casting, uses magic for things other than blasting exclusively.
Class: Sorcerer
Stat: Strength

Detailed concept Information: Matthew fights with style, he uses magic and his Katana together. He performs amazing feats thanks to his magic, and he likes to mix up his spell casting a bit, he prefers to use magic first and fight with his sword when necessary. Uses his sword as a focus for his more direct magic, is generally flashy with his magic no matter the type. He uses a variety of tricks, even if his total bag is small (ex: Jumping higher, being faster, protection, illusion, battlefield control, etc...) if he were a D20 sorcerer, he'd have several different types of spells known, not just blasts.

Detailed History and Background: Matthew has never felt at home anywhere thanks to his dual-heritage. The elves hated him for his humanity, and while the humans were more accepting, many felt threatened by things they perceived as conceitedness and pride. He wandered the countryside, teaching himself magic, but because he had to rely on himself he learned how to channel his magic through his Katana (a family heirloom from his elven mother's side). He has learned to accept his nomadic lifestyle and is quite pleased with it, he joins other people who need help, or who are willing to travel with him, but he doesn't like to stay in one place for too long. He's fairly open and doesn't brood too much, he's accepted that not everyone wants him around and has learned to live with it, not much keeps him down for long.

Name: Durok

Race: Human, elemental relations

Concept: Rage-filled barbarian imbued with Kull'a'lla'ue, Fire Spirit of the Volcano - when he rages, he catches fire and attempts to burn his enemies for the glory of his God. He came here to fight in the gladiator ring. He's also a skilled weaponsmith, and views the forging of steel as an act of reverence and worship to Kall'a'lla'ue

Class: Barbarian? Warrior

Stat: Charisma? Because of fire-rage powers.
EDIT - or maybe Strength? Whichever makes more sense to the GM

Part of the beauty of freeform is how loose we can be with classes and stats.

Everyone - I am enjoying the aps, I think its going to be a great play test. I will be making decisions on Friday.

Daemonar - If you want him to catch fire I would suggest cha or wisdom. Wisdom would imply a divine magic like a blessing from a god and if you limit it purely to fire filled battle prowess (as in fire weapons and a fire shield) maybe some light self healing. Cha would be more like his rage tearing reality with fire. Both sound pretty darn cool to me.

Can you tell me a bit about his personality? just a few sentences. What is he like when he's not fire-stabbing people?

Whitefox - As a level 6 sorc I'm going to say pick two themes of magic. Fire, spiritual, necromancy, illusion, kinetic. Perhaps wind magic, sounds interesting for a katana. Up too you.

Arsa - Works. A battlemage is VERY focused on magic. Imagine a soldier trained to use magic as a weapon. Strength shows that he is farther trained in melee combat and weaponry than normal. Works for me.

djdemiko - I'm thinking Wind and Spiritual or Illusion, depends on what you think Spiritual would be. I'm figuring that it is something like the externalization of inner power, peace and strength; using force of will to create powerful effects.

@djdemiko: I was thinking more like Durok's rage tears at the edges of the world with fire. His body catches fire. Primal magic bones-of-the-world kind of thing.

I'll put up a short paragraph when I figure that out

This looks interesting, so I'll throw in an app... If for no other reason than to see if the concept works with your idea of how the mechanics work.

Name: Isa the Cunning
Race: Fae-blood Halfling
Concept: A bit of a prankster urban-druid, whose focus is more on the social aspects of her different forms.
Class: Druid
Stat: Dexterity

Detailed concept Information: In her natural form, Isa is a slender wisp of a halfling, with an eternal smile on her face and a dagger in her hand. She works in the city as a juggler and entertainer, a part-time thief and acrobat; when the pickings are slim, she transforms into a 'trained' monkey or dancing bear, to try to get more coppers for her and her partner. And when they are extremely slim, well, a squirrel or a finch can get in where nobody else can...

In the arena, she specializes in stealth, and maneuverability. Isa prefers to fight in one of the group battles, where she can support her team with her spells while flying high above the battle, or clinging to the wall as a nearly-invisible chameleon. When she has to fight, she prefers to be a scorpion, cobra, or wildcat, or something similarly capable of striking quickly, and retreating.

Detailed History and Background: Isa was born of a tribe of wild halflings, who realized that the pickings were better in the cities. They abandoned their nomadic tribal lifestyle, for a nomadic gypsy-lifestyle, but had not quite lost their naturalistic teachings.

They just adapted them to the 'nature' of the cities.

Virtually everyone in her tribe could shapeshift, and virtually all of them used their alternate forms for mischief; although most could only perform minor shifting powers, the most talented managed one or, possibly, two fully alternate forms. Rarely, one or two were born with the ability to control their shape to a much greater extent; Isa was one of them.

As part of her training, she traveled with the band's shaman until she reached adulthood, then went off on her own. Isa has been going from town to town ever since, practicing her craft, and trying to find something more interesting to entertain her.

KingGoblin - I really hate to be a nay sayer (I REALLY HATE IT)

But there is just too much going on in the concept. You have magic powers, shape changing, stealth and charisma.

A note on my druid choices: I lowered druid spell casting in the system to be closer to a ranger. Minor nature based spells. The reason for that is that druids in 3.5 are just way too powerful for a freeform setting (where imagination is more a limitation). They have skills, spells, can transform into way too many things, can fight etc.

So this system basically pushes druids into a shapechanger role. They can turn into more (imagination, not having to worry about hit die limits) but cast less.

My suggestion: Druid-Charisma. As a druid you can shape change into a variety of creatures from birds to bears to dinosaurs. With charisma, you can be the entertainer. Dancing for the crowd, turning into amusing animals etc.

As a druid you can be stealthy by turning into small things (rats and so forth) but you wouldn't be as stealthy as a rogue or skillful class. With both druid and cha you would have access to a very limited amount of spells, but still have some spells. Your fighting would likely rely more on the shapes you changed into than magic or daggers.

Another option might be a Con sorcerer that focuses on transmutation. Your shape changing would be through cast spells instead of an inherent ability but you could add in a battle magic set such as Ice/fire/lightning to mix shape shifting and magic.

Djdemiko - What is are the types of spells (or general theme) for the Spiritual theme for my sorcerer?

white- Not entirely sure what you mean by spiritual (I am imagining ghosts).

Are you talking about harnessing natural energy for energy themed combat magic?

Originally Posted by djdemiko View Post
Whitefox - As a level 6 sorc I'm going to say pick two themes of magic. Fire, spiritual, necromancy, illusion, kinetic. Perhaps wind magic, sounds interesting for a katana. Up too you.
I was talking about this, I wasn't sure what it meant and was throwing ideas out there. I was wanting a spell theme that was more focused on things that were more about the natural mystic energy that flows through the sorcerer and gives him his powers.


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