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Do you ever Call Dibs or let Dibs?

I'm all about the players ...

I set the scope of races / classes / levels / etc when I list the game. From then on, it's all about the players.

If they all want to play the Super-Razor-Warriors (as Rouges are Over-Powdered), then that is what they play. If they have a TPK in the first combat as they had no crowd control / healers / buffers / etc, then they will need to rethink their party composition.

Some of the games I'm running have the following makeups:

Level 12 Against the Giants 4e

Halfling Monk Windrider, Half-elf Bard / Euphonic Bow, Eladrin Warlord / Warlock, Genasi Watersoul Swordmage / Swordmage Aegis, Changeling Chaos sorcerer / Primordial Adept and a Human Hexblade / Evermeet Warlock

Level 6 Pathfinder Adventure Path

Human Rogue, Human Paladin, Human Ranger, Human Summoner

Neither of these groups have much healing (the PF group's Paladin is the Tank and the Healer), the 4e group has a couple of heals by the Bard and 2 heals from the Warlord.

I asked the players to make up their characters however they would like them -- I personally enjoy playing Clerics, but not many others do, so I say let the players play whatever they like even if it is Over-Powdered Rouges

If everyone is suddenly a Dragonborn Super-Razor-Warrior, then as it turns out, that must be one of the most common, rather then least common race / class combos on "this" world.

No Dibs -- just what they want

Originally Posted by series0 View Post
I also encourage people who submit such an application to submit more than 1 so they have more of a chance to get in the game (if they want to). If they puts all their eggs in the dark elf vampire exile basket, then so be it.
@ series0 I have an awesome dark-elf vampire cleric that I am dieing to get into a game

Give me a yell when you are running a game that will fit one in ... Calling DIBS



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