The Fall of Faerun

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The Fall of Faerun

The Fall of Faerun - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 21 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Hey I'm looking for 3-4 players to start my new campaign!!

Characters will start at level 5 with 6,000 gold and can spend up to 4,000 on any one item. Stats should be rolled as 5d6 and please NO Eberron and I would rather no Psionics but if you can come up with a convincing argument than i might be willing to let it in. Also please take into account the Weight of your player and his gear. I will be reasonable but if your trying to carry around a tent on your back than yeah you asked for it. And please no Evil character's.

Players should be ready to act out any character they create as this will be not just be a kick in the door kill any thing that moves game.[not that their wont be combat or that their is anything wrong with that =) ]. You may use any 3.5 book that you want besides the previously noted ones but i reserve the right to veto anything i think is too much or not compatible with my world.

The game will start in 2 week's time and I will be making my final chose 2 nights before that. I have already locked in one player but we still have all slots open. Front line or supportive, so good luck and get started!

hey guys please post all app's and roll's hear:

Game Description:

Faerun has Fallen

Darkness has come to Faerun. The Evil God Bane has found a way to Sever the Connection linking the Other Gods to the mortal realm. With the help of his long time ally Malar he has harnessed the very abyss it self to fill his army's. Demons and worse now Stalk our land, without fear or thought. The once proud kingdoms of the land have fallen into ruin and chaos.

But now after a decade in witch almost all hope has been lost a Rumor has spread that the secret to undoing all of this can be found in the vaults of water deep. Unfortunately that once proud and shinning keep was one of the first to fall to Bane's hordes. now people race to the base of the city were survivors have set up a temporary camp hoping to find the rumored secret before it's too late......

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ok so hexblade is out then, hmmm got to think what else i want to play

I suppose I should ask, are racial Paragon's ok? And how are Hp's being handled?

Sounds interesting. If you don't mind a noob at PBP whose doing some experimentation in classes that my DM has banned for our Skype campaign, I think I got a Warblade that will fit right on in. If not Warblade, he can fit just as well as a Duskblade.

I guess I should say something too, hey guys I'm the maybe already one he was talking about earlier. I sent my character in as a rogue-wizard tiefling. Wanted to say hello.

Right then. 'Ello, gents, I'm applying as a mostly-full progression duskblade, aiming to be a bladesinger-styled character. Very much an einhander style, with its own benefits and downfalls, o'course!

Are you actually aiming for the Einhander style feat?

It always bugs me that by the time the classes that could really use it can actually take it there are so many better things to take.

Einhander can be pretty cool (though I've never used it myself).

Originally Posted by wrathgon View Post
ok so hexblade is out then, hmmm got to think what else i want to play
He said the Hexblade "fix" was out, not the Hexblade itself, btw.

@Lucky: I'm debating it. I'm also debating if I want to open the can of worms that is Arcane Strike, but I think I'll use it with the 'this shouldn't be this broken' clause (meaning, though it's a free action, can't override itself, i.e. burn a 5th level slot for +5 and 5d4, cannot go higher unless I burn a 6th level slot.).

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Einhander can be pretty cool (though I've never used it myself).

He said the Hexblade "fix" was out, not the Hexblade itself, btw.
yes but compared to the duskblade the hexblade is crap without the fix. rather go duskblade then play a sub par class.

do you allow LA buyoff?


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