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Adverts in threads

Adverts in threads

Is there any reason that there are now appear to be numerous mouse over links to ads within the text of threads on this site.

You have some sort of malware on your computer.

Run your browser in safe mode and they should go away, then you have to work out what you added that caused the problem and remove it. Spybot or Malwarebytes will probably find it.

This problem was seen before, and in that case, the issue was:

Originally Posted by Podonis View Post
The browser is Google Chrome and the add-on was Vid-Streamer or something like that. It was supposed to let you download any video you were streaming to your computer. Can't remember where it came from though...

Well there we go. It wasn't malware. It was an add-on (Firefox and OneClickDownloader 1.2)

Thanks guys.

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