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The Forgotten

Endgame - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 25 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4


Should the world ever recover, 1321 will be known as the year that three states of a world were gone.

No; not moved, not destroyed, taken, erased....Gone.

Attempts to describe the nations provide confused epitaphs (for that is all they can be described as) filled with ramblings and stuttering. It is as if a dream plays on the edge of wakefulness and wants to be remembered. Journey's toward the states by those who seek to fulfill the dream thought are forgotten long before the destination is reached. Divination spells reveal a haze of foggy information- followed by a sharp recoil of pain and a desire never to investigate the dream again.

But your dreams? Your dreams are filled with detail. Specific detail. Vivid...recollections? of unknown horrors taking place within the three gone states. You hear the murmurs around you, but you can't understand them. It's as if you are walking through a crowd of blindfolded people with your eyes uncovered. You see purpose- purpose that lies in the South. You see a reason to lend your influential sway to this odd and paranormal grasp that has taken the world. But for some reason, you've withheld. You've not travelled South. Some form of concern was nibbling at the edge of your mind as if to warn you.

Something was amiss.


Please see ALL threads within the main thread group- if only to understand what and where you should be doing your thing.

I require from you;
  • An extensive, EXTENSIVE background of what your character has been doing all these years- be it on other planes and worlds or here
  • Extensive breakdown of their personalitys and contacts/family
  • No character sheer until the backstory has been designed
  • A build progression summary
  • Story reasons linked to your most powerful items
  • A two paragraph explanation of whom you are as a player (What play style you prefer, what type of roleplay you prefer (Short, punchy quick or long winded, descriptive and emotive), whether you're a kick in the door style player or you're a puzzler. So on and so forth.
  • A roleplay sample of your character (One combat, One Dialogue, One internal monolgue)

Game Description:

The Breakdown

  • Level 20
  • Only basic races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half Orc)
  • 7m4d6v1r1 is your stat point generation (Point buy is not an option)
  • HP is rolled every level bar first, first is max
  • Standard Wealth by level (Do keep in mind- Weight will play an issue and I want to see the weight breakdown) At least some of the wealth must be spent on land, holdings, staffing etc.
  • Applications that are one of the three following will be given preference;
  • Straight 20 build
  • Straight build and one prestige class
  • Multiclass of two classes (no dips) Prestige only if both classes were required for prerequisites
  • A note that I will only be accepting one caster class
  • Allowable Sources:
  • SRD
  • Core (Including PHBII)
  • All Completes
  • All Races of except Eberron
  • Spell Compendium (If a spell appears in Spell Compendium and another source- Spell Compendium is the "True" reference
  • Magic Item Compendium (As above)
  • Tome of Battle (Warblade and Swordsage only)

Who am I?

My name be Matt, mateys. /endpirateintroduction

I'm actually new to DM'ing but am loving it so much in RL with my current campaign that I thought I would run one on the weave as well. I've been following y'all here for some time now and you seem like a good bunch of eggs. I have a grand sense of humor until someone pushes my patience too far. I don't like know it alls or rules lawyers- I'm entitled to "slip" occasionally- if I do a heads up PM is acceptable but calling it out in a thread is not. I am helpful but also like to be given help, I like to nurture a character idea if its a solid concept even if it means stepping on some rules a little.

Will this work?

I am confident in a Level 20 campaign because I intend to only accept people with a high post count, dedication to their current games and an eye for good grammar and punctuation. There's a lot of leg work in a Level 20 campaign so I'm sorry to exclude anyone below 500 posts- I really need to see you're sticking in there for the semi long haul at least.

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I fall well below the 500 post count, being as I just found this site awhile ago, but I will be creating an application in the hopes that my care for proper grammer, an interesting build concept and my weaving of a new life will impress you.

Does "basic races" mean no templates?

I'm not saying I won't allow.

If the template is justified heavily within your backstory- you've definitely got a much, much larger chance of it being accepted. Needlessly complicated characters with 4 templates - immediate no. But a template to benefit the build that is also story justified? Yeah- you'll likely get it to fly

Oh damn, sorry man. I wouldn't wish McDonalds on my worst enemies, and that's exactly what a good DM is supposed to be in games

But seriously, I've never had this problem. I don't want to optimize something too much, but those stats....
I suppose I could do a Dwarven Bard. That charisma hit would help mitigate my awesome rolls some. Or, I could go with something I've never tried before, and attempt to put together a Paladin/Samurai

steampunkadept- the rolls don't leave too much room for non optimisation, nor do Celtics.

I'm not going to punish an applicant for good rolls.

Nameless- We'll make it work dammit! Let's see if we can make this the first long term Level 20 campaign the Weave has seen!


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