Old School Adventures in The Broken Lands

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Old School Adventures in The Broken Lands

The Broken Lands - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (Original) + clones
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Pietro Tradonico, a high standing member of the merchant guild, has hired your group to eradicate a pack of bandits just over the border. He has furnished your group with a guide, a captured member of the bandit gang, who has led the party for nearly a day through the twisted landscape.

The BeginningYour group has been picking your way cautiously through the scrub brush and shattered mesas of the broken lands. As the group approaches a narrow gully that has been cut into the looming cliff wall of the mesa in front of you your guide stops and motions for everyone to take cover.

The bandit stops and points to a tree hanging over the mouth of the gully. “There is a lookout there.” He whispers as he turns and begins heading down the trail you followed here. “My part of this is done. Good luck.” He laughs through a mouthful of rotting teeth.

The Broken Lands will begin with a fresh-faced group of adventurers ready to make their first excursion against the enemies of civilization. The game will start as an old school style dungeon crawl as the players pit their characters against a gang of bandits that have been raiding the trade routes near Corunglain. I am using house ruled Swords & Wizardry White Book, a game meant to emulate the original three brown books D&D. The rules are linked in the Game Description.

I am looking for 4 to 6 players and expecting near daily post rates Monday through Friday.

Game Description:

The Streel River connects Darokin to the Known World. It is represents trade and commerce to the people of the Republic. Rock Home, Vestland, the Heldann Freeholds, Ethengar and Glantri all send their trade south on the Streel into the fortress port city of Corunglain. Corunglain is the last bastion of Darokin civilization before entering the terrors of the Broken Lands. Every south bound river captain gives a sigh of relief at sighting her shining towers. Every north bound captain says a prayer for safe passage to whatever god he worships once her docks are behind him.

Corunglain is the home base for excursions into the Broken Lands for all those brave enough to risk the dangers in search of fame and fortune.

The Broken Lands is set in the Known World as presented in X1 Isle of Dread. No other sourcebooks or gazetteers are being used.

The Sword and Wizardry White Box is the ruleset but there is an 18 page House Ruled Players manual here that is all you will need to play.

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A Thread for Players of Older Editions of D&D and Clones

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Another S&W game! Woohoo! This makes three so far! (AlphaDork and myself running the other 2) Good luck! If you have trouble finding players, I'll volunteer to play

If we keep up at this rate, maybe we can eventually get them to create S&W Character Sheets for the site!

I know! I have been considering this for a while but you guys got me motivated.

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
I know! I have been considering this for a while but you guys got me motivated.
Haha! I love S&W. It's so simple, but leaves so much room for awesome play.
Oh what the hell. I'll apply!

Edit: However, if enough players who haven't played S&W apply, I'll let them have first pick so that they have a chance to enjoy the system.

I'm always down for more AD&D type games, but... AC that doesn't go from 10 to -10...? I'm not sure I can wrap my head around that one :o

Yeah I like old school attack tables too but in order to keep the rules short I went with the simpler combat system.

This looks interesting but I've never played Swords and Wizardry before. I'll look it over and probably get an app up in the next couple days.

It is a very simple clone. I condensed the rules down to an 18 page Player Handbook.


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