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maidenarts' Gallery/Shoppe

maidenarts' Gallery/Shoppe

Hello all!

I wanted to try my stab and doing some more art and such here and there as my schedule will soon be quite open for commissions.

As this is the case, I would like to set up doing a couple of practice requests here at Myth Weavers (as doing art on avatar sites can get a bit crazy). I will be doing quick line-art/sketches portraits of people's characters.

As this is my first post, I cannot link URLs (sorry!). Once I'm able to provide proper links, I shall update. However you can see my avatar as an example (just not colored) of my art as well as the attached image (which is closer to what you'd be getting but just digital and not full body).

These freebies may be a smidge less detailed as I'm working on completing images quickly and effectively but still of a decently high quality.

Requests are now open!
Free Requests
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Wow! You're really good

Hopefully your post count will get up soon so you can link a deviantart page or something similar

Awesome line work, I love the outfit especially. I would love to see someone draw my male, half-elf, half-succubus. =D

AidlianAidlian is a little less than five and a half feet tall, with a soft, average figure. The elven blood shows in his slightly pointed ears and trademark green eyes, and his long, shiny, brown hair which is often styled elegantly with braids. His skin is smooth and has a healthy glow, and his upper eyelids are always tinted light red naturally, as if adorned with eye shadow, with full lips that match this tone. He is beguilingly beautiful, and his androgynous appearance catches the eye of men and women alike. He's not above using his ambiguous appearance to his advantage. The only glaring flaw on his face is a black marking across his right cheek in the form of a claw swipe. It might seem to most as painted on.

Aidlian generally appears unarmed, and he usually carries a solid gold heart on him somewhere, a symbol of devotion to Hanali Celanil. In his hair is a long red ribbon ending in sharp blade. It appears to be a harmless hair accessory, but is in fact a sash whip, the favored weapon of Sune. When he's not wearing the vestments of Hanali Celanil, which is an ankle-length, white, sleeveless dress, he usually wears something colorful and feminine, and he adorns his outfit with various jewelry. If not wearing a robe or a dress, his devilish tail is visible.

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
Wow! You're really good

Hopefully your post count will get up soon so you can link a deviantart page or something similar
Just tell us your profile name.

Wow, thanks for the offer. If you get the time, I had a really hard time finding a picture for my little dragonborn girl. This is a dragonborn from 3.5, the base race is a gnome. All the pictures I could find of dragonborn were the 4e versions.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear back. I am no artist (it is sad), and I really respect those who are.

Very nice work. I would love a picture of Oni, my little gnome wizard school dropout.

Hi MaidenArts,

Let me know when you think you're good to go for commissions ... I have a character i would love to have drawn -- not trying to push in line of course

I have had hangemhigh13 on deviantart do a couple of commissions for me and I love his style of drawing (one is being used as my avatar on here), but I'd like a more "realistic" drawing of Effloresce my half-elven priestess.


I love your style the detail in your piece is very beautiful. I'll be watching this thread in case I have the fortune of having a commission done by you.

Originally Posted by maidenarts View Post
<<stuff she said before posting her art.>>

Oh, my.

I'd love to have you do one for me as well! The question is simply ... which one?!

**wanders off to review his character library**

Y'know what? I'll let you pick. If any of these descriptions take your fancy, I'd love for you to sketch it. If not, no worries. Regardless, keep posting. Your art is wonderful!


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